AI and Artistry: How Music Shapes Immigrant Identity and Belonging with Jogiraj Sikidar

In the pursuit of a new life abroad, immigrants and expats yearn for more than just a physical presence in their hostland; they seek purpose, belonging, and a defined identity, yearning for profound respect and appreciation. 

Jogiraj Sikidar, a seasoned entrepreneur with over 30 years in the media industry and a maestro trained in Hindustani classical music, features in this brand-new episode. He weaves a compelling narrative, guiding us through his odyssey of preserving Indian music in a distant land, not just as an endeavour for purpose but also as a means to foster identity and belonging.

Against the backdrop of a foreign culture, Jogiraj unveils the intricacies of sustaining Indian art, particularly music and dance, infusing it with unwavering passion and ensuring its commercial viability. Beyond the melodies, he confronts stereotypes surrounding Bollywood music, signalling a hopeful shift.

Diving deeper, Jogiraj sheds light on the politicisation of identity, the influence of AI in music, and the transformative power of art in educating and uplifting society. Join us on this enchanting voyage where music transcends barriers, weaving a tapestry of unity and enlightenment. As Jogiraj Sikidar eloquently reminds us, in the symphony of life, every note carries the resonance of our shared humanity. This transformative power of art is sure to inspire our listeners.

Produced by Global Indian Series for the Global Indian Network.

Script by Rajan Nazran
original idea: Rajan Nazran

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About Jogiraj Sikidar

Jogiraj Sikidar is a Performing Arts Entrepreneur, Musician, Academician, and Award-Winning TV & Digital Media Professional, leaving an indelible mark on the cultural landscape. For over four decades, he has passionately delved into Indian classical music, dedicating himself to its study, performance, and education.

Boasting a remarkable 30-year career in the broadcast industry, Jogiraj has served as a creative director and brand strategist for esteemed TV networks such as National Geographic, OSN, Nickelodeon, MTV, Zee TV, and MBC—the Middle East’s largest television broadcaster.

As the visionary Founder of Malhaar, Jogiraj has pioneered the integration of Indian classical music into primary schools across the UAE, where it now stands as a compulsory subject. His initiative, impacting over 5000 school children, is cultivating the largest pool of Indian classical arts talent in the Middle East. Jogiraj Sikidar continues to be a driving force, seamlessly merging his passion for the arts with his expertise in media and education.

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