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Your Ultimate Guide To Experience Ljubljana Christmas Market

Ljubljana, the capital, lies in the heart of Slovenia. It is encircled by the white-snowy peaks of the Julian Alps. The city is home to the Ljubljana Castle, which sits on top of a hill in the old town. The dragon ascends the castle tower, epitomising the city's historical importance and greatness. The city's river flows in the middle of the town, retreating from various architectural wonders. The city radiates artistic grace.

The country is famous for holding some of Europe's best festive events and fairs. The Ljubljana Christmas market, set in the chilly winter season of Advent, is warmed by the joyous festive atmosphere in the city. Read this article and explore the mystical charm of Winter in Ljubljana.

Ljubljana Christmas Market

Ljubljana Christmas Market is also known as the Ljubljana Festive Fair. It starts in the final week of November and runs through the first week of January. It is one of the major attractions for tourists visiting the country in winter. During the festive fair, the capital is adorned with the prettiest Christmas Lights in the backdrop of white snow. The scenic beauty of Ljubljana Lake and the bustling market at its shore is captivating!   


The wooden stalls are embellished with twinkling lights and various articles for ordinary purposes that do not fail to appeal to customers. The lively chatter of the bustling crowd at the shops set up on the banks of the river is a wonder to watch!

The stalls provide an excellent chance to shop for your winter holidays. The market at the Ljubljana festive fair is set on various streets around the city, like Preseren Square, Breg Embankment, the intersection of Wolfova ulica and Kongresni trg, etc. The market offers a diverse assemblage of sustainable products - clothing, accessories and home decor, everything is available. The owners of the stalls run small businesses and sell local goods and products. Winter clothing, like scarves, mittens, and gloves, are made by Slovenian designers. This is a unique initiative the community takes to promote Slovenian artisans, crafts and designs. If you are visiting Ljubljana around this time, you can find your most relevant souvenirs - jewellery, crockery, scented candles and organic perfumes, for your loved ones. 

Treat Yourself to Local Cuisines

Everyone agrees that festivals are incomplete without seasonal lip-smacking food and culinary delights. Food stalls are another attractive spot in the evenings at the Christmas Fair as you try on delicious Slovenian traditional delicacies such as sausages like Kranjska Klobasa and krvavice, potica and gibanica - sweet pastries for people with a sweet tooth, gibanica. Spiced meat such as Pljeskavice and Ćevapčići is savoury. Štruklji and Šmorn are pancakes with different fillings. You can drink aromatic tea and mulled wine or Kuhano Vino to keep your spirits high in the cold winter. You cannot stop yourself from trying the local, yummy appetisers once your senses discern the freshening aroma from the food stalls at the market. 

Entertaining Events

The festive fair is only perfect with celebrations. The city authorities organise open-air programs and events throughout the month of Christmas. And the best part is, you don't have to pay to attend or watch the performances. There is a brilliant lineup of talented theatre groups, bands and musicians to perform on the stage set across different squares. The theatre performance enacts didactic anecdotes from the bible. The band entertains people and gets them dancing with their enthusiastic and rigorous performances. The music and party amplify the air with cheery vibes and enlighten the audience.

The Enchanting Christmas Lights

The display of Christmas Lights in Ljubljana is one of the best in Europe during the advent season. The city's geographical location gives it a natural standing for its beautiful and mesmerising landscape. The display of Christmas lights adds mystical charm to the city. The shape of the light celebrates the universe, and the form and structure astonish people. The city's historical centres, museums, galleries, churches and convents are decorated with the aesthetic design of lights. The wooden stalls and bridges are ornamented with creative designs of thematic lights designed by the local artist Zmago Modi. Recently, his son Urban Modic succeeded him in this artistic heritage. He redefined the techniques and showcased impeccable visuals with his imaginative power.

Recreational Activities to Relish

If you want to get an extraordinary view of the festive fair or spend some private moments with your date amidst the rabble of the crowd, get on the tourist boat cruises along the river Ljubljanica. Relish the beautiful decorations and bridges and watch people conducting festivities from a unique standpoint.

You can also go to Ice Fantasy Ljubljana at Park Zevda in Congress Square as the Land of Ice immerses to showcase sculptures carved from tons of Ice. 


Ljubljana Christmas market is the favourite spot of Slovenians during winter to visit and enjoy the Christmas holidays. People come out from the vicinity of their homes to enjoy the glitters of the festive fair amidst the winter hues. They find it an excellent opportunity to socialise, meet their families and friends, come together to relish the local delicacies, watch the lights and create memories. 


Does Ljubljana have Christmas Markets?

Yes, Ljubljana holds a Christmas Market every year in winter.

Is Ljubljana worth visiting in December?

Yes, definitely. Ljubljana offers a range of recreational activities to do in December.

Where is the world's best Christmas market?

Wiener Christkindlmarkt in Vienna, Austria, is known as one of Europe's best Christmas Markets.

What is the Christmas market in Lake Bled?

Bled Winter Fairytale, or Bled'sBled's annual market, is held on the shores of Lake Bled.

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