what is a burlesque show

What is a Burlesque Show? A Beginner’s Guide to this Seductive Art of Dance!

Have you ever heard about burlesque?

It probably makes you think of extravagant costumes, dazzling feathers, and a mysterious form of entertainment.

Well, you're not wrong - but what is a burlesque show exactly?

Burlesque is all about dance, theatre, comedy, and performance art at its core. It is a platform for burlesque performers to narrate their stories through movement and music.

Take this blog as your guide to explore the fascinating world of burlesque, an art of dance, a form of self-expression, and a show that leaves audiences wanting more.

The History of Burlesque: Where Does it Come From?

In a burlesque show, one can expect to be captivated by titillating burlesque dancers.

Its rich history has led to a beautiful art enthralling its audience for centuries.

To learn about where it originated from, let's travel all the way back to the mid-19th century when it was one of the most popular entertainment among American audiences and a golden age of burlesque.

Burlesque originated in Victorian England, and New York City gave rise to American Burlesque. It rose to prominence as a form of theatre that artistically mocked famous operas, plays, and societal issues.

Over time, it started incorporating more dance elements in the 20th century, with performers like Gypsy Rose Lee and Sally Rand.

In the current world, burlesque shows continue to transform, boldly pushing boundaries of not just dance and fashion but art as a whole.

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What is a Burlesque Show? What Should I Expect?

So, what is a burlesque show? What to expect when you attend one?

It is likely you'll be in a dimly lit venue, with the audience filled with anticipation. As soon as the music begins, the spotlight beams bright as a dazzling performer comes up on stage.

Be ready to be captivated by their every move as the performer shows you their story with their own style using dance and music performances.

You can expect singing, comedy, burlesque dances - the list is endless.

Note that burlesque performers don't just perform; they interact with their audience for a more interactive experience.

Types of Burlesque Performances

Burlesque shows are quite diverse, incorporating all art forms; here are a few popular burlesque performance styles to truly understand what is a burlesque show exactly.


Neo-burlesque, or new burlesque, is a contemporary style of modern burlesque that includes modern music, dances, and costumes. Although neo-burlesque shows honor previous performances, they often have little features of parody and political commentary, which can be seen in traditional burlesque.

They usually focus on social commentary and self-empowerment themes such as feminism.

Comedic Burlesque

Comedic burlesque adopts a more humorous approach. You'll see performers using a combination of comedy, wit and humour to interact with their audience. The atmosphere will be very lighthearted and entertaining.

Classic Burlesque

This style is set on maintaining traditional, victorian burlesque roots with its feathers, rhinestones, and vintage vibes. You will definitely be time-traveled back into a previous era and captivated by the glamorous costumes and dance style.

Etiquette at a Burlesque Show

When discussing etiquette at a burlesque show, let us begin with what to wear.

With the many blingy and glamorous outfits around you, it's natural to wonder - what can I wear to a burlesque show?

Essentially, make sure you dress for the occasion. You will not be expected to show up in a themed costume, although you could do some research to see if the event has listed a dress code.

The burlesque audience at burlesque shows is usually mixed. Make sure you join them in cheering for the performers to appreciate their hard work and performance!

Additionally, never take photos or record videos without permission. Even after receiving permission, be sure not to post them publicly without the go-ahead.

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What is a burlesque show, you ask?

While we've given you a brief overview of everything you need to know before your first visit to a burlesque show, going to one is the only way to find out!

What are you waiting for?

Step into the world of burlesque performances and explore the fascinating magic that awaits.


What do burlesque performers do?

Burlesque performers have a variety of skills to showcase, be it dancing, singing, or comedy.

Do men perform in burlesque shows?

Yes, men do perform in burlesque shows.

Is a burlesque show fun?

Burlesque is an art of dance, a form of self-expression, and a show that leaves audiences wanting more. It is definitely fun!

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