Guest Info

Alex Beeching– Senior Content Creator of Global Indian Series

H.E President Donald Ramotar– Former President of Guyana, Global Indian Ambassador

Narendh Ganesh– Global Indian Correspondent of South Africa, Activist

Rajesh Gopie– Global Indian Ambassador of South Africa, Playwright, Actor

Dr. Terencia Joseph– Assistant Professor in History at the University of the Southern Caribbean

Sabir Nakhuda– Author, Historian, and Social Commentator (Barbados)

About the Show

Join us for the second voyage of the History of Indianness episode as we dive deep into the forgotten world of Indentureship and the silent war that revolved around the sugar industry. With meticulous research and an influential panel of historians, former heads of state, playwrights, and social commentators, we take you on a gripping journey through a dramatic period of history that reshaped our understanding of Indianness and exposed the community to corruption and hate.

This immersive episode unfolds dramatically aboard the Whitby in 1838, the first ship transporting Indian indentured labourers to the colonies. Chief Explorer Rajan Nazran leads the conversation with Alex Beeching and a diverse panel of guests, including H.E. Donald Ramotar and Narendh Ganesh, unveiling hidden traces of history to complete the narrative.

Despite the abolition of slavery, exploitation persisted through the system of Indentured Labour, where labourers were owned for a specific period and subjected to harsh conditions, abuse, and inhumane treatment. Working primarily on sugar plantations and estates in the Caribbean countries, Indian indentured labourers endured gruelling labour, leading to malnutrition and disease. The presence of Indians in St Lucia, often obscured, holds a significant historical significance, as they occupied cottages once inhabited by enslaved people, further commodifying their existence.

Don’t miss this enlightening podcast that sheds light on the untold stories purposely kept from the mainstream, revealing a crucial chapter in the history of Indianness.

Produced by Global Indian Series for the Global Indian Network.
Script by Rajan Nazran
original idea: Rajan Nazran

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