Fighting the Stigma around Parkinson’s with Sanjeev Dixit

“The theatre is the only place where people willingly go into the darkness so that they may see the light.” – Kenny Leon

Our latest episode of “Beyond the Studio” shatters the preconceived notion of theatre’s demise. The death knell may have rung in the ears of traditionalists, but the stage is now a dynamic battleground for societal change, wielding unparalleled influence in the digital age.

Join us as we welcome Sanjeev Dixit, whose commitment to theatre extends far beyond the footlights. In a world fixated on the digital canvas, Sanjeev utilises the power of live performance to unravel societal taboos and confront the unspoken. His artistic vision breathes life into pressing issues, proving that theatre isn’t just surviving – it’s thriving as a force of enlightenment.

In one of his recent plays, “Still Dancing,” Sanjeev draws back the curtains on a poignant narrative that confronts the harsh reality of Parkinson’s Disease. Shockingly, every six seconds, an individual in the United States grapples with this debilitating condition. Through the lens of theatre, Sanjeev becomes a harbinger of awareness, shedding light on the shadows cast by Parkinson’s.

Sanjeev shares the secrets behind his art, unveiling the profound reasons he has chosen theatre as a vehicle to dismantle social stigma. This episode transcends the conventional, inviting you to witness the transformative potential of theatre in addressing the unspoken, the overlooked, and the misunderstood.

Tune in now to “Beyond the Studio” and discover why theatre is alive and thriving as a catalyst for change. Join the conversation as we delve into the captivating world of theatre with Sanjeev Dixit, where every performance is a testament to the enduring power of the stage.

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Script by Rajan Nazran
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About Sanjeev Dixit

Sanjeev Dixit has been smitten by the theatre from childhood, acting in school, college, and community plays in India.

As part of one of Dubai’s leading English theatre groups, ‘Theatrics’, since 2003, he has been involved in every aspect of production, be it acting, directing, choreographing, or writing songs on the fly. Sanjeev is also associated with Malhaar, Dubai’s only classical Indian choir, and has staged grand Hindustani classical musicals with them. In 2012, he launched Third Half Theatre, a group committed to the theatre as an art form. 

Sanjeev’s plays have been staged at various short play festivals in Dubai, at The Emirates Litfest Fringe, and at The Sikka Art Fair, and they have been performed in India and the USA. Sanjeev wrote and directed the musical ‘Amazing Dubai’, a brainchild of social entrepreneur Brian Wilkie, which debuted at the Madinat Theatre Dubai and ran for six months. Featuring multi-national UAE-based talent, it was a spectacular telling of the Emirate’s journey from a small fishing community in the 1800s to one of the most modern metropolises in the world.

Sanjeev Dixit then wrote and directed Sutradhar, a classic tale derived from the Mahabharata. After which, Third Half, in association with Social Enterprise Movement Mantra, staged ‘Still Dancing’ to raise awareness for Parkinson’s Disease. Based on the life experiences of Movement Mantra founder Dr Vonita Singh, the play was an attempt to humanise PD and showcase the issues and challenges faced by people with PD and their families. The play was recently revived and staged at The Emirates Theatre, Dubai and is set for its India Premiere on World Parkinson’s Day at the NCPA, Mumbai, in 2024.

Sanjeev was the show director for the inaugural Bayut Your Home Your Choice Awards at the Dubai Opera, a Crayons event for Bayut. He wrote and directed The Emerald House, an Orb event for Fever at the Al Seef Heritage Village in Dubai, which was an interactive, immersive theatre experience. Sanjeev rounded off 2023 with an Anthology of his short plays and a revival of Malhaar’s Haaye Akhtari, a musical celebrating India’s ghazal icon, Begum Akhtar. He recently directed a staging of Mahesh Dattani’s important work on childhood trauma, ‘Thirty Days in September’ in collaboration with EnAct. 

Always up for a challenge, Sanjeev Dixit is driven by an eclectic style fueled by a collaborative spirit and a desire to work across varied genres and themes.

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