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SPIRIT is formally known as "SPIRIT Slovenia Public Agency." Founded in 2012, it is  Slovenia’s Business Development Agency and acts as a point of contact for companies, financiers, and prospective business owners searching for new ventures in Slovenia. The agency's main responsibilities are promoting Slovenian businesses overseas, helping small and medium enterprises (SMEs) become more competitive, and offering operational and strategic guidance to foreign businesses and investors.

Additionally, it provides educational programs and gift cards to support young business owners and SMEs. The goals of SPIRIT Slovenia are to increase Slovenia's economic competitiveness, internationalisation, and entrepreneurship. Rok Capl is the CEO of SPIRIT Slovenia Public Agency.

Single Point of Contact

Businesses and investors seeking new opportunities can get in touch with the SPIRIT Slovenia business development agency through a single point of contact. The agency's main responsibilities include promoting Slovenia's businesses overseas and highlighting Slovenia's benefits as a destination for foreign direct investment. SPIRIT assists foreign businesses looking to invest and grow in Slovenia and abroad, as well as Slovenian businesses looking to boost exports.

The organisation provides free operational support and strategic advice to foreign investors and companies looking to enter the Slovenian market. The Slovenia business development agency prepares and offers helpful information and guidance on a range of business opportunities in Slovenia, including particular markets, industries, and investment locations, as well as Slovenian suppliers. If you need any information about conducting business in Slovenia, utilise the free business assistance they offer.

Slovenia Business Development Agency

SPIRIT Slovenia Business Development Agency helps investors every step of the way. It offers detailed information on local investment opportunities upon request, advice on site selection, and connections to professional services. It also arranges introductions between investors, relevant authorities, and industry experts. After the investment is finished, the agency integrates the new company into its aftercare program, which supports its expansion throughout Slovenia and beyond.

Helping Find the Right Partners

The SPIRIT Slovenia business development agency helps international businesses find appropriate Slovenian partners and suppliers. It offers customised information on suppliers as well as personalised advice, and businesses can use a database of Slovenian exporters to find potential business partners. The organisation arranges a variety of business events, including business delegations, joint presentations at international trade shows, and other B2B gatherings in Slovenia and overseas, to foster business relationships between Slovenian and foreign enterprises.

Focus on SMEs and Young Entrepreneurs 

A significant portion of the agency's work involves assisting Slovenian SMEs in becoming more competitive and developing more quickly. SMEs can apply for vouchers to attend international trade shows of their choice and can attend a variety of educational courses for free. SPIRIT Slovenia is also eager to support young, aspirational entrepreneurs by motivating them to launch a company and providing them with all the information required to do so.


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SPIRIT Slovenia, Public Agency for Investment, Entrepreneurship and Internationalization

SPIRIT Slovenia Business Development Agency

Verovškova  ulica 60
1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
T: +386 1 5891 870
F: +386 1 5891 877

VAT number: SI 97712663

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Slovenia's economic recovery plan, post-COVID, addresses issues like low renewable energy, carbon-intensive economy, sustainability, and health system flaws. It includes social changes, public investment expansion, and reforms to strengthen resilience. The government promotes exports through programs and financial aid, with the EU playing a crucial role. Long-term economic success relies on innovation, technological advancements, and high-value exports. 

If you think creatively in business, then the time is ripe to get on the bandwagon.

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