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Usha Prashar is a prominent face in the House of Lords of the UK and has played a major role as a board member of channel 4. Her role in the Iraq Enquiry is what she is most known for. She was also a part of organisations such as FICCI. Her publications on health and race relations uphold her views on the matters that she is surrounded by.

About the Show

Baroness Usha Prashar, the face of radical change in the UK, joins our Chief Explorer, Rajan Nazran, to engage in an active conversation on how to shape our political consciousness. Her five decades of public service have equipped her with a deep insight into what a pioneer must do to bring forth a changed Britain and the world. 

In this podcast, she is openly vocal about how people need to develop a proper sense of humanity without boundaries based on communities. Being a person who dived into the injustices in society while trying to keep up with a changing Britain by not identifying just the ‘Asian’ problems is what sets her apart from others as a pioneer. Injustices are to be treated at a human level and not centred around nationalities or the identities carved out of them. The goal is supposed to be achieved despite what the adjectives associated are. 

Their conversation delves into the deep-rooted role of identity in society and spurns the idea of a transactional relationship where people wait to get something out of what they have performed. But this works differently. Her pioneer work revolves around the presence of institutional racism, race relations and the problems of immigration. 

She believes that people have different realities and that humanity is supposed to be a mixture of all experiences, which is supposed to represent a changed Britain. The changing face of Britain has convinced her that even the most minor step is making a step towards a more significant change, as otherwise, things would be far worse than what it is at present. The main takeaway from this pioneer who changed Britain would be the lean towards a value-based life and the ability to keep one’s perspective. 

Do not miss the chance to listen to this episode; it is as intriguing as it sounds!

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Script by Rajan Nazran
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