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Ashwin Sood is a musician and drummer of Indian heritage and holds prominence as an English-Canadian artist. Notably recognized for his musical collaborations with his former spouse Sarah McLachlan, Sood’s journey began in the United Kingdom, where he was born to parents who had immigrated from India. Growing up in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, he discovered his passion for drumming at the tender age of seven.

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Immerse yourself as host Rajan Nazran engages in a profound conversation with Ashwin Sood, an English-Canadian musician and drummer of Indian descent. Prepare to be moved as Ashwin unveils the transformative power of music and its profound influence on his life.

From the young age of 7, music became an integral part of Ashwin’s journey. He candidly shares how it has shaped his identity and become a representation of his personality. As the conversation delves deeper, Ashwin offers philosophical insights into his belief in fate, embracing life’s journey, and coming to terms with the reality that things happen for a reason.

Ashwin Sood’s relationship with music goes beyond personal expression; it played a pivotal role in his connection with his ex-wife, Sarah. Their shared love for music became the foundation for their relationship to flourish. However, as life unfolded, they faced challenges, leading to their divorce. He provides a thoughtful perspective on the reasons behind their separation and how it has transformed his outlook on relationships.

Additionally, Ashwin takes a profound look at the transformative experience of becoming a parent. He reflects on the impact of parenthood, the changes it brings, and how it has shaped his life.

Through this engaging podcast, Ashwin’s candid and reflective exploration of music, relationships, and personal growth invites listeners to reflect on their connection to music and the profound influence it can have on their life journey.

Tune in to this enriching podcast episode where AshwinSood’s genuine and heartfelt insights will resonate with music lovers and those seeking a deeper understanding of the intricate connections between music, personal growth, and relationships.

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