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In a heart-wrenching incident that shook the tranquil streets of Wolverhampton, tragedy struck the Kanda family in June 2022. 16-year-old Ronan Kanda fell victim to a horrifying attack by a fellow teenager armed with a menacing 22-inch ninja sword, a weapon that had been chillingly ordered online. 

Ronan’s sister, Nikita Kanda, and their mother, Pooja Kanda, turned their grief into fierce determination. Fueled by their devastating loss, they launched a courageous campaign to end the unrestricted online sale of bladed items. Their mission, born from personal pain, became a beacon of hope in the fight against the senseless violence that had claimed Ronan’s life. United in their grief and purpose, Nikita and Pooja embarked on a quest to transform their tragedy into a catalyst for change, vowing to make the world a safer place for others.

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In the quiet streets of Wolverhampton, a sinister and heartbreaking incident unfolded, shattering the peace of a seemingly ordinary day in June 2022. Ronan Kanda, a 16-year-old with his whole life ahead of him, met a tragically untimely end just yards away from his family home. A seemingly routine errand to purchase a PlayStation controller from a friend led him to unimaginable horror. 

Oblivious to the impending danger, Ronan was ambushed from behind, his world suddenly torn asunder by two assailants armed with chilling intent. One wielded a menacing machete, while the other brandished a sinister ninja sword, their deadly weapons reflecting the darkness lurking within their hearts. Ronan, immersed in the sanctuary of his music and lost in his thoughts, never saw the brutal attack coming. Struck down mercilessly, he fell victim to a senseless act of violence. The attackers, driven by mistaken identity and a chilling purpose, mistook Ronan for someone else, sealing his fate with two fatal blows. The wounds inflicted were deep and horrifying, a stark testament to the sheer brutality of the assault. This harrowing tale echoes the grim reality of knife crime in the UK, a haunting reminder of lives forever altered by a pervasive and devastating menace.

In a chilling revelation by The Guardian, data from the year ending March 2022 exposed a startling truth: crimes involving knives or sharp instruments surged by a staggering 34% compared to a decade ago. Even more alarming, these incidents skyrocketed by 9% within a year. This harrowing trend underscores a pressing concern, painting a vivid picture of a society grappling with an escalating crisis.

Chief Explorer Rajan Nazran dives deep into the chilling narrative of tragedy with Nikita Kanda, the brave sister of Ronan. Together, they unravel the grim tapestry of events that led to Ronan’s untimely demise and, in the process, confront the alarming surge of knife crimes plaguing the very heart of the UK. As their conversation unfolds, it thrusts us into a whirlwind of thought-provoking queries that challenge the core of society’s moral compass. Have our revered religious institutions transformed into cold, corporate entities, their sanctity eroded by the pursuit of power? Should these institutions, meant to be pillars of virtue, be entangled in the complexities of court cases, or should they remain above such earthly battles? Are the laws, ostensibly crafted to safeguard citizens, inadvertently shielding these institutions instead? Each question slices through the air like a dagger, demanding answers that could reshape our understanding of justice and fairness. 

Brace yourselves for this gut-wrenching, eye-opening dialogue—a raw exploration into the very soul of our societal fabric. Tune in now for a conversation that will haunt your thoughts and ignite the flames of change.

Produced by Global Indian Series for the Global Indian Network.

Script by Rajan Nazran
original idea: Rajan Nazran

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