Musa Motha, Narendh Ganesh

Musa Motha was not just a “black” boy

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There is not much that makes us proud to be South African these days, as we see our country slip away from us in continual decline.

But Musa Motha, even if only for a while, made me proud to be South African as he wooed, bedazzled and enthralled a worldwide audience glued to Britain's got talent.

I was not only in awe and mesmerized but my heartstrings of affection for a young man bedevilled by cancer took on the world - and won - even if he didn't.

Diagnosed with cancer and having his left leg amputated, this young man from South Africa, now residing in England, did not let his lot in life diminish his zest and passion for life, music and dance.

He proved that any disability can be overcome if the mind is willing and the head is held high - then a missing limb is mere irritation - not debilitation.

Being the first ever contestant to have received the group golden buzzer in the history of the competition had to be something special and unique - it was certainly not out of sympathy - it was because of real, genuine talent - South African talent.

Although he did not make the cut for the final three, he won the hearts of millions if not billions - mine included - with his incredible dance moves - on one leg, and that really did bring a tear or ten to my eyes.

Well done Musa Motha - bloody well-done you son of the South African soil.

You made your country super proud.


Narendh Ganesh

Narendh Ganesh is a Global Indian correspondent. He is the Chairman and Founder of the National Independent Congress of South Africa (NICSA), a political party formed and registered with the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) to contest the 2024 National and Provincial elections in South Africa.

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