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List of Best Activities To Enjoy in Ljubljana in Winter

Ljubljana, the capital and the beating heart of a small country in the southern part of central Europe, is a perfect destination for a magical winter retreat. From exquisite Alpine vistas to hospitable locals and luxurious food and wine, this Slovenian city will astonish you in ways you might not expect.

Read on to learn about the various activities to immerse yourself in for a satisfying and full-fledged experience of Ljubljana in winter.

Why Travel to Ljubljana in Winter?

Ljubljana is a hidden gem among European cities, a point of confluence of different cultures such as German, Austrian, Italian and Balkan. This diversity finds its way into various aspects of its culture, such as architecture, cuisine, festivals and tradition.

One of the oldest European cities, with a history that dates back to the 12th century Roman Empire, Ljubljana's rich cultural scene is one of its chief attractions. It is also one of the most environmentally friendly European cities, declared a Green Capital in 2016. The small size of the city, coupled with its well-planned design, makes it easily navigable by foot, eradicating the risk of car accidents due to fallen snow.

This picturesque Slovenian capital is a prime example of how the new and modern blends seamlessly into the old and historical, as it preserves its traditional symbols while striving for novel ways of thriving. Winter in this city will take you by surprise with the range of experiences it has to offer.

What is Ljubljana like in Winter?

Winter in Ljubljana sets in around November and lasts till mid-March, with temperatures varying between -5 °C and 5°C (23°F and 41°F). Most winter days begin with a thick coat of fog hovering over the city, which eventually subsides and is replaced by noon with pleasant sunshine.

Ljubljana typically experiences snowfall for 5-10 days, mainly in December and January. The city, on such days, with its streets and rooftops covered in a blanket of white, is a splendid sight to behold.

Undertake an Immersive Cultural Tour

Ljubljana is usually bustling with life throughout the year, but the Christmas spirit lends a unique charm to its ambience. The green city has a fair share of public parks, biking lanes and pedestrian-friendly streets; take a stroll down its streets to discover the little magical moments of beauty and joy that lurk in the everyday mise en scène of Ljubljana.

Indulge in Christmas Festivities

The festive season begins around the end of November in Ljubljana, transforming the cityscape into a fairytale-like setting. The main attraction during this time is the Christmas Market in Peresen Square, which runs from 1st December to 2nd January. One can browse the kiosks for various handiworks, purchase souvenirs, or stop for a taste of honey schnapps, wine and farm-fresh blueberries there.

Embark on a Gastronomical Journey

Food choices are endless in Ljubljana, ranging from conventional fast foods such as beef burgers to light and healthy smoothies and snacks and a variety of soups and stews. With countless options for every kind of diet, this city is every food enthusiast's dream.

It is impossible to walk around Ljubljana's Central Market and miss the tempting aroma of the trademark Carnionian Sausage (kranjska klobasa) or the Balkan burek. Warm up with winter prerequisites like Jesensek "šmorn" or a bowl of stew with some potica or traditional štruklji, a Slovenian filo pastry dumpling, on the side.

Bask in the Glory of the Ljubljana Castle

Sitting on the hilltop at the city's centre, the glorious medieval Ljubljana Castle offers a magical journey into the past accompanied by a breathtaking panoramic view of the cityscape. Visitors may choose to explore the castle free of cost or buy a ticket to an exhibition with a guided tour.

The castle also maintains a vineyard, a wine cellar and a shop where visitors can taste and buy authentic wine from the "City of Grapevine and Wines". The most delightful aspect of the castle is perhaps the "escape room" game, an immersive and fun experience with the chance to learn about the city's history.

Explore Museums and Galleries

Home to multiple museums and galleries, history and art enthusiasts will not experience a single dull moment in Ljubljana. One may explore Slovenian history and historical relics at the National Museum or the City Museum or dive into the art scene of Slovenia at the Museum of Modern Art or the Museum of Contemporary Art. 

Visit the Brewery Museum at Ljubljana's Pivovarna Union to learn more about the city's technical heritage and Slovenia's beer-brewing tradition.

For enthusiasts of the performing arts, the Philharmonia building in Kongresni, which houses an original copy of Beethoven's 1808 6th Symphony, is sure to make a fascinating visit. One may also grab a ticket to one of the concerts of The Slovenian Philharmonic Orchestra, which holds special concerts throughout the festive season.

Take a Walk along Tivoli Park

Spanning more than 300 acres, Tivoli Park is the largest public park in Slovenia, beginning on the outskirts of the central district and merging with the woodlands at the foot of Roznik Hill. Lined with flower gardens, lush green trees, tranquil fish ponds, and cafes, it is an ideal recreational space for unwinding with a cup of coffee in the company of birds and little squirrels.

The park also includes the Museum of Modern History and the International Centre of Graphic Arts, housed inside the 17th-century Tivoli Mansion. The southwestern region of the park forms a nature reserve and the city's zoo.

Relax along the Ljubljanica River

The brilliant Ljubljana River runs through the middle of the city, dividing the Old Town from its more commercial counterpart. The 30-minute cruise along the waters offers a different visual experience of the city viewed from the river. Flanked on both sides of the river are cosy little cafes where you can stop for a soothing drink while gazing at the idyllic scene.

Day Trips to Nearby Locales

If you are craving something more enthralling, the iconic Lake Bled, the most well-known destination among tourists, is barely an hour's drive from Ljubljana. Visit on Christmas day to witness the famous light show known as The Legend of the Sunken Bell, which delineates the lore behind the tower at the lake. When frozen over, the Lake also functions as an ice skating ground.

Another destination, reachable within an hour from the capital, is the Postojna cave, a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site. The site operates guided tours on a thrilling train ride through the dark cavernous passages. Here is also where the endangered cave-dwelling Olm, or the human fish, are found.

Go Hiking or Skiing

Ljubljana is skirted by several little hills, forests and hiking trails, perfect for a trek out to the outskirts from where one can take in a birdseye view of the city. The trekking path to Škofja Loka is the most exciting as it affords a view of the Slovenian Dolomites with its rugged peaks and vibrant flora. The Šmarna Gora Hill, about 2300 ft. tall, is another famous hiking destination with the bonus of a hilltop cafe where one can avail refreshments after a successful climb.

A quick 1-hour trip from Ljubljana leads to the Ski Centre at Vogel on the Julian Alps, a part of the Triglav National Park. Several other ski resorts, such as Krvavec and Kranjska Gora, are within 50 km of the capital and take only a smooth drive up to reach and enjoy a ski down the thick snow-coated Alpine slopes.


The Slovenian capital, with its snow-dusted landscape and compelling architecture, creates a magical backdrop for an array of delightful activities. Those seeking an immersive winter experience with a keen eye for the beauty of the small and mundane will find countless rewarding experiences in this small yet happening city. Whether the smell of mulled wine and hearty Slovenian cuisine or twinkling Christmas lights and bustling fairs, Ljubljana in winter mesmerises both locals and visitors with its unique blend of cultural richness and seasonal charm.


Is Ljubljana good in winter?

Ljubljana remains mildly foggy most days in winter, clearing up by noon and receiving snowfall for about two weeks in December and January. Despite the cold, it can be exciting and gratifying due to the manifold activities, workshops, ice exhibitions, and culinary wonders that thrive in winter.

Is Ljubljana nice at Christmas?

Ljubljana is a festive dream during Christmas. Multiple Christmas markets spring up throughout the city alongside cultural workshops and performing arts events. The lights and ornaments refracted on the snow-coated landscape are a treat to the eye.

Is Slovenia worth visiting in December?

December brings a unique festive atmosphere to Slovenia, with a cosy and mellow charm that differs from other major European cities. Musical events, workshops and nativity scene stagings abound on the streets and avenues of Slovenian cities, towns and villages alike. The quiet magic and warmth of its local life and culture make Slovenia a worthwhile place to visit in December.

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