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How to get Slovenian Citizenship by Investment?

Who does not like to settle in a place where nature is stunning, the work environment is peaceful, the economy is stable, and the quality of life is high?

Many nations have all of the above attributes. Slovenia (Ljubljana, its capital) is a beautiful country in Central Europe, known for its stunning landscapes, rich culture, and welcoming people. In this article, we will explore the topic of Slovenian citizenship by investment, including the process, basic requirements, and benefits.

What is Slovenian Citizenship by Investment?

Slovenian citizenship by investment is a process that allows foreign investors to obtain Slovenian citizenship by making a significant investment in the country. The process is not straightforward, as it can be in other European countries. The regulations in each European nation, a member of the European Union (EU), vary.

Currently, citizenship by investment in Slovenia is possible. Many foreign investors like to obtain the right to reside by applying for a residence permit. The reasons could include employment, family reunification, studies, and business investment.

Slovenia Citizenship by Investment Requirements

As a general rule, Slovenian citizenship by investment can be obtained after 10 years of continuous residence in the country. Note that no special programs for investors provide more advantages regarding the time required for citizenship issuance. The only program that can be somewhat advantageous for foreign investors is an investment program that grants them the right to permanent residency if they invest a certain amount of capital in the country and meet specific criteria.

To obtain residency in Slovenia through investment, individuals must meet the "active business management" stringent conditions. The immigration process for Slovenia through investment necessitates a minimum investment of €50,000 in a Slovenian company or €10,000 in a startup company. The investment should be made in a company registered in Slovenia that has been operational for at least six months. Additionally, the investor must possess a valid residence permit and have resided in Slovenia for at least one year.


The required documents for a Slovenian citizenship application include a valid passport, birth certificate, proof of continuous 10-year residence in Slovenia with a permanent residence permit, rental agreement or property documentation, proof of lack of criminal record, proof of financial means, a written CV, and a work contract.

Benefits of Slovenia Citizenship by Investment

Slovenia citizenship by investment offers several benefits to foreign investors, including:

Access to the EU: Slovenia's membership in the European Union grants Slovenian citizens the privileges of EU membership, such as freedom of movement within the EU, opportunities in the EU job market, and the right to reside and work in any EU member state. It is almost equal to getting European citizenship.

High quality of life: Slovenia is recognized for its exceptional standard of living, offering outstanding, cost-effective healthcare, education, and social services. The country also boasts breathtaking natural scenery, including the Julian Alps and the Adriatic Sea.

Stable economy: Slovenia has a robust and expanding economy with a low unemployment rate and a favourable business environment. The nation is home to numerous thriving enterprises, including pharmaceutical companies, automotive manufacturers, real estate firms, and technology firms.

Low tax rate: Slovenia has a relatively low tax rate compared to other European countries, making it an attractive destination for business investors.


Slovenian citizenship by investment is a process that allows foreign investors to obtain a permanent residence permit by making a significant investment in the country. While the process is not straightforward, it offers several benefits to business investors, including access to the EU, a high quality of life, a stable economy, and low taxes. If you are interested in becoming a Slovenian expatriate, it is essential to consult with a qualified immigration lawyer who helps clients through the process. The period is generally 1-4 months.


Does Slovenia approve of dual citizenship?

Slovenia permits dual citizenship programs. However, individuals obtaining Slovenian citizenship through naturalization are usually asked to give up any foreign citizenship they possess. Exceptions to the renunciation rule include cases where individuals can prove that their current country of residence does not allow renunciation, acquiring Slovenian citizenship, leading to an automatic loss of current nationality, or their current country of residence has not decided on renouncing. Additionally, dual citizenship is allowed for individuals married to a Slovenian citizen, stateless individuals, or those with refugee status in Slovenia.

How can I get a company registration done in Slovenia?

To become a business investor in Slovenia, you must choose the type of business, prepare the documentation, and register the company at the One Stop Shop 2Slovenia, a notary, or online via the Slovenian Business Point portal. You will obtain a tax number and then finalize registration in the Court Register and the Slovenian Business Register. Complete additional steps, such as opening a bank account and depositing the necessary share capital.

Can I buy a property in Slovenia?

Non-residents of Slovenia can purchase real estate in the country by obtaining a permit from the Ministry of Justice. The permit is usually granted if the purchase is in the public interest or if the buyer is a foreign company or a foreign citizen with a valid residence permit. Once Slovenian residency is obtained, individuals can purchase real estate in Slovenia, provided they obtain the necessary permit from the Ministry of Justice. It's important to note that owning property in Slovenia does not automatically grant the right to residency, but it can be part of a financial portfolio and demonstrate ties to the country.

Does the residence permit and Slovenian citizenship program grant rights to access bank services in the EU?

Yes. The Slovenian residency permit and citizenship provide access to banking services within the EU. As an EU member, Slovenia participates in the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA), facilitating seamless cross-border payments within the EU.

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