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Terezia Rostas is a dedicated advocate for educational inclusion and better outcomes for Roma students in the UK and Eastern Europe. Despite her law degree, she has spent the last decade working in the education sector, offering crucial support and mentoring to vulnerable communities and newcomers seeking alternative educational opportunities. 

Terezia’s passion extends beyond education, as she is a fiery peace activist and a strong advocate for a range of critical issues, including education, equality, human rights, and the fight against human trafficking. Her commitment to these causes is both inspiring and impactful.

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Discover the extraordinary journey of the Roma people, a community whose roots trace back to ancient India. Did you ever imagine that the Roma language boasts an incredible tapestry of 84 dialects originating from the heartlands of Northern India, Rajasthan, Persia, and so on?

In an enlightening conversation led by Chief Explorer Rajan Nazran, Terezia Rostas, a passionate advocate from Romania now residing in the United Kingdom, joins as a guest in this episode. Rostas, with unwavering determination, champions the essence of the Roma identity, culture, and heritage. She delves into the depth of Roma culture, showcasing the remarkable resilience and survival instincts embedded within its core. She empowers individuals to embrace their heritage through her active initiatives, fostering a profound sense of pride in their roots.

Terezia Rostas reveals a tapestry of facts and unveils the concealed history of her community, a history marred by trials, tribulations, and a harrowing 500-year journey through Europe, marked by ethnic cleansing, discrimination, abuse, racism, and slavery. 

Astonishingly, this tumultuous saga has been largely absent from historical narratives. The Roma people emerge as unparalleled champions, fiercely upholding their traditional values and identity, even in an era where identity is weaponised and history stands colonised.

Join us to uncover the hidden tale of the Roma community with Terezia Rostas. Explore a history that has long been overshadowed, a story that belongs not just to a specific group but to humanity. Together, let us embark on a journey to honour this history, which has remained in the shadows for far too long.

Tune in and be part of this vital conversation.

Produced by Global Indian Series for the Global Indian Network.

Script by Rajan Nazran
original idea: Rajan Nazran

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