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Ameesha Joshi is a documentary maker with a passion for people. On a whim and after seeing a photo of Indian female boxers at an art exhibition in Canada, she took the plunge. She travelled to India to record their stories. It was a gruelling 10 years in the process where she captured the rise of Mary Kom, and her film ran across international festivals.

About the Show

In this podcast, Chief Explorer Rajan Nazran takes a trip to the freezer of the world, that is, Canada. He meets Ameesha Joshi, an extraordinary documentary maker passionate about people. She risked it all to tell a story of female boxers in India. Motivated by a single photo and on a shoestring budget, little did she know that this voyage would last ten years! 

Our guest takes us on a remarkable journey filled with struggles, travels, and the satisfaction of completing an excellent film. She unravels the intricate process of creating characters and crafting compelling stories. Feel the passion emanate from her words as she shares her intention to shine a spotlight on the incredible achievements of women athletes, a cause close to her heart.

As the conversation evolves, we learn the conditions and environments in which athletes train through vivid descriptions. But that’s not all—our guest’s creative spirit extends beyond filmmaking. Discover her affinity for fine arts, such as drama and creative writing, which bloomed during her college days, ultimately rekindling her love for these expressive forms.

She proudly admits to her fascination with India and the allure of Indianness. Through regular visits, she gradually immersed herself in the country’s fabric, unravelling its living structures and the profound essence of its culture. Her powerful expression of individuality and rebellion against societal expectations, as she fearlessly stands up for what she believes in, is commendable.

With the podcast flowing smoothly and freely, she gives us a glimpse of her upcoming project and the key elements within its captivating narrative. 

Tune into an incredible conversation with Ameesha Joshi, on the power of a dream and die-hard perseverance, where passion meets creativity and inspiration intertwines with storytelling.

Produced by Global Indian Series for the Global Indian Network.
Script by Rajan Nazran
original idea: Rajan Nazran

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