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Can You Get an ECB Level 1 Coaching Course Online COMPLETELY?

In England and Wales, acquiring an entry-level coaching qualification is the first step to inspire and train future generations of aspiring cricketers. The Cricketing Body of England and Wales (ECB) offers multiple coaching certificates and courses that individuals must obtain before they can coach cricket.

The ECB Support Coach course is the first-level coaching course offered by the ECB. With the surge in online learning platforms, a pertinent question arises: Can one attain the entirety of the ECB level 1 coaching course online? This blog aims to answer the many questions you may have regarding the ECB Support Coach course, including whether or not it can be completed online, any prerequisites for the course, and future coaching options following certification.

What is the ECB?

The England and Welsh Cricketing Board, or the ECB, is the national governing body of cricket in England and Wales. It was established on January 1, 1997, as a single entity to oversee the roles of the three previous governing bodies - the Test and County Cricket Board, the National Cricket Association, and the Cricket Council.

The ECB oversees all aspects of the sport within its jurisdiction, including domestic and international cricket, grassroots development, coaching programs, umpiring, and administration. The ECB organizes and manages cricket competitions at various levels, including county cricket, national teams, and recreational cricket, to promote and develop the sport across England and Wales.

The ECB offers several coaching programs aimed at those aspiring to become coaches. The programs offered by the ECB saw a reshuffle in 2021, with a more formal order being developed and several new courses being introduced. Among these was the ECB level 1 coaching course, formally called the ECB Support Coach course. This course introduced a new format, which introduced an online aspect to the certification.

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But can you complete the entirety of the ECB level 1 coaching course online? Read further to find out.

What is the ECB Level 1 Coaching Course?

The level 1 coaching course offered by the ECB is the Support Coach course, aimed at individuals over the age of 16 who wish to qualify to become assistant coaches. The program was one of the new courses introduced in 2021 and is the entry-level qualification to become a qualified coach in England or Wales.

The course equips individuals with the basics of coaching and trains them to support qualified coaches. The program offers training in various areas of the game, including batting, bowling, and fielding as well as providing essential knowledge to learners on various aspects of how to be an ECB coach.

However, it is critical to note that upon completion, ECB support coaches are not authorized to lead coaching sessions independently and must be supervised by qualified coaches. To become a qualified coach, one must first complete the level 1 coaching course (ECB Support Coach), followed by the ECB Foundation Coach course, followed by the ECB Core Coach course.

Course Pre-Requisites

The ECB Support Coach course is open for anyone over the age of 16 who has a love for the game and wants to help its expansion. The course is aimed at developing support or assistant coaches who can assist qualified coaches in conducting cricket sessions. The course has no strenuous prerequisites except the following:

  • Minimum age of 16
  • Completion of Safeguard Training: To qualify for the course, all individuals must have completed the 'Safeguarding Young Cricketers' training module. The module only takes about 30 minutes to 1 hour to complete and is completely online.
  • Clearing the EBS DBS Check: The last prerequisite is the clearance of the EBS Disclosure and Barring Service check. The EBS DBS check is mandatory for all looking to obtain coaching certificates. It is essentially a criminal record check conducted by the EBS and costs £38.

Can You Complete the ECB Level 1 Coaching Course Online?

As part of the new coach development programmes, the ECB Support Coach course introduced e-learning modules as part of the course in 2021. The course consists of 2 online modules, accompanied by one face-to-face training module, which lasts 3 hours. As part of the course, you also gain access to 'icoachcricket', an online platform led by ECB coach developers. The platform features a range of content and features that support cricket coaches and players.

To answer the question of whether you can complete the entirety of the ECB level 1 coaching course online, the answer is no. You must complete the mandatory 3-hour face-to-face training module to obtain the course certification, meaning the entire course cannot be completed online. However, as part of the certification process, one must also clear a multiple-choice questionnaire assessment, which can be finished online.

Post Completion Options

The ECB Support Coach course only qualifies an individual to become an assistant coach, thereby requiring constant supervision from qualified coaches. While the course may open up some paid or volunteering opportunities, assistant coaches are unlikely to get full-time coaching opportunities.

To become a qualified cricket coach, individuals must also complete the higher-level coaching courses the ECB offers. These include the ECB FOundation Coach, ECB Core Coach, ECB Advanced Coach, and ECB Specialist Coach courses, all of which are listed in hierarchical order.

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In conclusion, the introduction of the new ECB courses introduced e-learning as a part of their completion. Introducing these components has eased the learning process for aspiring coaches, offering flexibility and convenience. However, it's important to note that the certification process mandates a face-to-face training module, ensuring practical application and hands-on learning crucial for coaching development.

Thus, while individuals can engage with a significant portion of the ECB level 1 coaching course online, the complete certification requires participation at both virtual and physical levels. Nonetheless, incorporating digital resources and platforms like 'icoachcricket' highlights the ECB's commitment to modernizing coaching education while maintaining the integrity and quality of its programs.


What is the ECB Core Coach Course?

The ECB Core Coach is a level 2 cricketing coaching course allowing potential coaches to lead player-focused coaching sessions independently. It provides in-depth training in coaching techniques, player development, and leadership skills to enhance coaching abilities at all levels of the game.

What is an ECB Support Coach?

An ECB Support Coach is an individual who has completed the ECB Level 1 Coaching Course, also known as the Support Coach course. They are qualified to assist certified coaches during cricket coaching sessions but require supervision and cannot lead sessions independently. The course has a fee of £40, and one can complete a portion of the ECB level 1 coaching course online.

What Qualifications Do You Need to Be a Cricket Coach?

In England and Wales, potential coaches must have a level 2 qualification to lead independent cricket coaching sessions. The England and Wales Cricketing Board (EBS) allows individuals to complete a plethora of courses at various levels to become a cricket coach. The level 1 course is the ECB Support Coach course, which is usually followed by the ECB Foundational Coach course and the ECB Core Coach course.

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