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Jasveer Singh, a native of Southall, UK, serves as the Senior Press Officer at The Sikh Press Association, a position he has dedicatedly held since 2015. In this influential role, Jasveer is the driving force behind media engagement, offering unwavering support to Sikh organizations and individuals on their panthic missions. 

Prior to his pivotal role with The Sikh Press Association, Jasveer carved his path as a versatile journalist, contributing his expertise to renowned platforms such as Sky News and Super Fight League.

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Lately, one is reminded of the power of identity and its impact on global events, from the ongoing issues with Israel and Palestine through to Canada and India. The concept of national belonging can often be a blinding factor in how we look at the concept of justice or affiliations.

Meet Jasveer Singh, the fearless Senior Press Associate for the Sikh Press Association, as he sits down with Chief Explorer Rajan Nazran for an eye-opening conversation. Through Jasveer’s insights, he guides on how narratives can often be deliberately formed and the many dangers it can create. He also shares his reasons behind the misconceptions that have clouded the Sikh community’s reputation and gripping accounts, from the murky world of fake Sikh profiles, the intricate web of the Indian nationalist network to the human impact of the death of Hardeep Singh Nijjar and the deeper questions it poses.

Tune in now and gain a unique perspective on the troubled relations between the Indian and Canadian governments through Jasveer Singh’s insights and broaden your understanding of the world. 

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