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Vikram Vij is an Indian-born Canadian chef, cookbook author, investor in Dragons Den, and a mentor to the masses. He grew up in India, left in 1984 to study Hotel Management in Austria, and went to Canada in 1989, where he took a job at the Banff Springs Hotel after a chance meeting with the General Manager of the hotel who was visiting Vienna. He opened his first restaurant in Vancouver in 1994.

About the Show

Step into the captivating world of culinary artistry and introspection as host Rajan Nazran invites you to join him on an enthralling podcast episode featuring renowned Indian-born Canadian chef, cookbook author, and mentor Vikram Vij. Prepare to be moved and inspired as Vikram delves into thought-provoking subjects, baring his soul and sharing profound insights.

In this enlightening conversation, Vikram reveals his practice of reflecting on past days, allowing him to recognise and learn from his mistakes. He unveils the driving forces behind his passion, redefines success and achievement, and sheds light on his experience of injustice as a person of colour. Vikram’s mission to raise awareness of Indian cuisine and his belief that business is a personal expression further demonstrate his remarkable perspective.

With vulnerability, Vikram reflects on his transformation in the post-Covid era and his vision for a better world. He opens up about the pain of false accusations in past relationships and expresses regret for missteps, longing to rewrite his history. Providing invaluable guidance, he imparts wisdom on fostering healthy relationships and emphasises the significance of open communication with loved ones.

Prepare to be captivated by this podcast, where Vikram Vij delves into the profound aspects of life, regrets, emotions, relationships, and beyond. Tune in now!

Produced by Global Indian Series for the Global Indian Network.
Script by Rajan Nazran
original idea: Rajan Nazran

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