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Adam Habib is an academic, researcher, activist, administrator, and well-known public intellectual. A Professor of Political Science, Habib has over 30 years of educational research and administration expertise, spanning five universities and multiple local and international institutions.

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For this episode, host Rajan Nazran invites Adam Habib, director of SOAS, to the Global Indian Podcast. Together, they delve into the pressing issues of inequality and injustice that can lead a society to doom and even spark a rebellion.

Adam begins by sharing insights into his personal and professional journey, detailing his birth, education, and passion for fighting for human identity and ending apartheid. He reflects on the significance of identity and recounts an intriguing story about how linguistic identity influenced his marriage, causing differences of opinion with his family members.

Throughout the conversation, Adam raises thought-provoking questions, including why social justice should be more collectively prioritised. He sheds light on people’s biggest misperceptions about him, what political science truly represents, and the crucial areas it addresses.

Additionally, Adam dispels misconceptions surrounding institutions like SOAS and opens up about his greatest fear. He stresses the urgent need for countries to come together to combat climate change, emphasising that failure to act would jeopardise the survival of humanity.

If you’re interested in thought-provoking discussions about identity, social justice, political science, and London, don’t miss this enlightening podcast episode featuring Adam Habib. Stay tuned for valuable insights and engaging conversations.

Produced by Global Indian Series for the Global Indian Network.
Script by Rajan Nazran
original idea: Rajan Nazran

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