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Business Angels in Slovenia to Look Out For in 2024

The vibrant and dynamic community of business angels in Slovenia is the heartbeat of the nation's startup environment, a huge driving force behind its economic progress and international growth. The symbiotic collaboration between visionary investors and ambitious Slovenian companies and startups is what shapes the nation's thriving entrepreneurship ecosystem.

Join us in this article to discover more about the top business angels in Slovenia and their role in driving innovation, growth, and collaboration in the Slovenian business landscape.

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What are Business Angels?

Business angels, or angel investors, are seasoned venture capitalists who provide early-stage financing to new businesses or products in exchange for an ownership stake, typically investing up to $1 million, sometimes varying up to $10 million. Commonly aged between the late 30s and early 40s, these investors bring experience from the technology or business sectors, providing financial support as well as valuable mentorship, advice, and access to their network.

They seek out companies with promising futures and the potential for societal impact, often willing to take positive risks and allocate substantial capital to high-potential startups. Dedicated to bringing innovative projects into reality, they provide startups with advisory services encompassing market strategies and networking opportunities.

Angel investors include venture capitalists, financial advisors, and business angels. Venture capitalists focus on young startups valued at $5 million or less, while financial advisors invest in companies they have experience with, targeting growth potential. While angel investors are usually older and well-experienced, investing up to $10 million, business angels, often entrepreneurs themselves, invest between $5 million and $25 million, drawing on their startup experiences.

How to Find Business Angels in Slovenia?

It is essential to keep in mind that business angels are often on the lookout for companies with innovative business ideas. Moreover, angel investors are interested in regions with robust economic growth potential, Slovenia being one of them.

Business Angels in Slovenia can be sought through various channels and methods. One approach is using online investment platforms like Crunchbase or European Investment Network. Alternatively, one may reach out directly to angel investors for more effective communication.

Networking events like the World Business Angels Investment Forum or Slovenian Angel Investor Day are prime opportunities for connecting with angels and potential investors in Slovenia. The European Union-funded training program for business angels, 4NGELS is comprised of partners from four countries - EstBAN (Estonia), FiBAN (Finland), Cobin Angels (Poland), and Business Angels of Slovenia - aimed at opening up channels for cross-border investment.

Additionally, online platforms such as the Business Angels of Slovenia, Slovenian Angel Investor Blog, and Slovenian Angel Investment Forum offer valuable resources and opportunities for engaging with angel investors.

Types of Business Angels in Slovenia

Angel investors, whether individuals or institutions, play a vital role in supporting startups with the potential to drive economic growth. They come in various forms, each with distinct interests and preferences.

Venture capitalists are a prominent type of angel investor in Slovenia. They seek out startups with innovative ideas poised to make a significant impact on the economy and are willing to take risks to support these ventures.

Individual investors are another common type, focusing on startups in their early stages of growth with promising potential but not yet ready to launch their products or services. They are drawn to investing in these budding ventures and contributing to their growth.

Institutional angel investors, often large banks or financial institutions, also participate in the entrepreneurial market. They bring specialized expertise and resources, including capital and mentorship, to early-stage startups aligned with their interests.

Additionally, international investors from abroad may show interest in Slovenian startups, leveraging their global networks to explore investment opportunities in international markets and tap into diverse startup ecosystems worldwide.

The Role of Angels in Startup Ecosystems

In Slovenia, the most prevalent angel investors are individuals who invest in startups to foster their growth and success. While they may also support already successful startups, they are particularly drawn to those with rapid growth potential.

Angel funding serves a crucial function within startup ecosystems. They offer vital financial backing to startup companies, imparting essential guidance to help them thrive. Moreover, angels contribute significantly to ecosystem development by fostering collaboration among startups and facilitating the formation of strong teams.

Through investments, angels not only provide crucial financial resources but also offer invaluable advice and support. This not only aids in launching new ventures but also fosters overall ecosystem growth. Additionally, as mentors, angel investors impart valuable knowledge to startups, guiding them towards success and encouraging collaboration with other entities.

Overall, angel investors are invaluable assets to any startup ecosystem. They not only provide essential financial support but also play a pivotal role in nurturing collaboration and fostering the growth of emerging companies. Their guidance and resources significantly contribute to the overall development and success of the startup ecosystem.

Top Business Angels in Slovenia

Here is a list of the top 10 business angels in Slovenia.

Business Angels of Slovenia

Business Angels of Slovenia, the first and largest angel investment club in Slovenia, has had a pivotal role in connecting local startups with angel investors and venture capitalists both domestically and internationally. With a clear mission of empowering entrepreneurs with innovative business models to secure seed or angel funding during the initial stages of development, Business Angels of Slovenia serves as a catalyst within the regional startup ecosystem.

They advocate for cross-border collaboration, particularly within the European Union, and have established a specialized network to assist women entrepreneurs in accessing funding opportunities. Through their dedication to advancing business angel activities and supporting the growth of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), Business Angels of Slovenia functions as a crucial intermediary linking promising Slovenian startups with potential investors.

Some of its notable portfolio companies include Quantifly, Printee, Switch, Salesqueze, and MedicoApps.


Skok123 is a network of North American angel investors focusing on investing in startups across South-Eastern Europe, particularly in countries like Croatia, Serbia, and Slovenia. Their investment scope encompasses pre-seed and seed-stage companies, regardless of sector, aiming for early indications of potential success and a business plan adaptable to the US market.

Skok123 brings significant expertise in initiating and scaling businesses, providing not just financial backing but also hands-on support to attain seed funding and address various challenges startups encounter. Some notable investments in their portfolio include EvermedTV, Plus Plus, and Sport React.


daFUND, established in 2021, is a venture capital fund targeting early-stage European B2B software startups. Specializing in pre-seed and seed phases, daFUND aids the initial growth and development of startup companies. Supported by Slovenian Business Angels and a diverse group of seasoned founders and experienced entrepreneurs from across Europe, the fund boasts 28 limited partners.

Notable investments in their portfolio include Privacy Culture, Relio, LegalAI, Wini, and Pandatron.

Eleven Ventures

Eleven Ventures, established in 2012, is a venture funding firm based in Bulgaria, specializing in early-stage technology startups across Southeast Europe. Eleven Ventures is dedicated to empowering local startups to attain global recognition with a focus on sectors such as fintech, healthcare, the future of work, food, and eco-tech.

Their mission revolves around providing comprehensive support and nurturing startups from inception to expansion. Through operational venture capital, co-creation, and acceleration services, Eleven Ventures actively assists technology ventures in realizing their potential. Notable portfolio companies include Pluria, TrueInsights, NitroPack, and Native Teams.

Silicon Gardens

Silicon Gardens, established in 2019 in Ljubljana, is a venture capital firm and startup accelerator dedicated to supporting and empowering early-stage technology companies. Founded by a team of seasoned entrepreneurs, its primary objective is to offer entrepreneurs valuable expertise, mentorship, and business connections.

With a focus on companies in sectors such as marketplaces and consumers, SaaS, food and health, education and gaming, and FinTech, they seek out firms that have gained some market traction, developed a minimum viable product and are ready to progress to the next stage. Their investments range from EUR 50,000 to EUR 500,000, and their portfolio includes Blub Blub, Influee, Mediately, Coherence, Mimo, and Bird Buddy.

Credo Ventures

Credo Ventures, founded in 2010, is a venture capital firm based in the Czech Republic, specializing in early-stage investments throughout Central and Eastern Europe. Their primary aim is to collaborate with outstanding technology founders in the region and assist them in realizing their global aspirations.

With a mission to identify and support the most promising entrepreneurs, Credo Ventures offers funding, expertise, and guidance to facilitate the growth of these enterprises. Notable investments in their portfolio include GoAvio, TVBeat, Apiary, Photoneo, and Cera.

Suricate Ventures

Suricate Ventures, established in 2021, is an investment firm dedicated to supporting and financing entrepreneurs who positively contribute to society and the environment. Prior to seeking funding, Suricate Ventures expects entrepreneurs to have a proof-of-concept and a solid client base.

Their investment ticket sizes begin at EUR50,000, with the potential for subsequent funding rounds. Leveraging their founders' industry expertise, Suricate Ventures actively supports their portfolio companies, prioritizing initiatives with the capacity to disrupt established value chains. Notable investments in their portfolio include, Viar, and Zenown.

Feelsgood Capital

Feelsgood Capital, founded in 2021, is a social impact investment firm focusing on seed and Series A stage investments. Their primary emphasis is on businesses in Croatia and Slovenia, aiming to generate financial returns while also delivering social benefits.

As a participant in the burgeoning field of impact investing, Feelsgood Capital aims to address the funding requirements necessary to achieve the 17 Sustainable Development Goals outlined by the United Nations. By supporting innovative companies across various sectors such as education, social housing, healthcare, technology, and social inclusion, Feelsgood Capital endeavours to contribute to shaping a better world for tomorrow.

Notable investments in their portfolio include Beon, Vidi-X, BITE ME, AGRIVI, and Mindsmiths.

RSG Capital

Founded in 2008, RSG Capital is a venture capital firm specializing in seed and Series A stage investments, with a primary focus on technology companies. Their approach centres on business creation and development, offering a range of services to support entrepreneurs and startups.

Specializing in strategic investments, RSG Capital provides financial assistance, guidance, and resources to facilitate the growth and success of businesses. RSG Capital's expertise and experienced team enable companies to accelerate their progress, navigate the complexities of entrepreneurship, and achieve growth and success.

Notable investments in their portfolio include Celtra, Efos, Edition Digital, Marg, and Connet.


Established in 2016, AlpVent is a Swiss seed fund specializing in seed and Series A stage investments, primarily focusing on technology companies. Their investment scope encompasses German-speaking nations and startups in South-Eastern Europe.

With over 25 years of business experience, AlpVent offers investment funding, management consulting services, and specialized sales support. They aim to provide "smart money support" to startups, which goes beyond financial backing to provide a comprehensive understanding of the startups' needs and full support to portfolio companies.

Notable investments in their portfolio include Quadrofoil, Hooray Studios, FlySentinel, Optiprint, and Hotailors.

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Slovenia's dynamic entrepreneurship environment presents a promising business angel investing future. A strong talent pool of educated and experienced professionals, complemented by access to cutting-edge technology and resources, gives it a favourable climate for investment. From early-stage startups to fostering cross-border collaborations, angel investments play a crucial role in driving innovation, economic growth, and societal impact. The collaboration between startups and business angels in Slovenia remains essential in realizing the full potential of the country's burgeoning startup ecosystem, paving the way for continued growth, success, and global recognition.


What is the success rate of business angels?

According to research from The Angel Capital Association, the success rate of angel investors in achieving positive outcomes for their investments is approximately 11%. However, startups backed by angels are at least 14% more likely to survive for 18 months or longer after receiving funding and tend to hire 40% more employees. Moreover, these startups have a 10% to 17% higher chance of successfully transitioning out of the startup phase.

What are business angels in business?

Business angels provide financial backing to startups or early-stage companies in exchange for equity ownership. They typically invest their own money and often play an active role in the company's management and decision-making processes. Business angels not only provide capital but also offer valuable expertise, industry connections, and mentorship to help the startup succeed.

How do I contact a business angel?

To contact a business angel, one may attend networking events, join entrepreneur networks, and utilize online entrepreneurship and angel investment platforms. Seek introductions from your existing network and participate in pitch events to showcase your startup. Research potential investors and reach out with a personalized message expressing your interest in discussing investment opportunities.

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