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Mohammad Rasheed Noorani, born in Khorramshahr, Iran, received his education in Tehran. With a Law degree and a Master’s in English Literature, he has dedicated the past 30 years to working with educational and cultural organisations in Pakistan and abroad. Currently, he leads the Continuing Education Programme at the Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture. He specialises in courses exploring Mawlana Rumi’s and Shams Tabrizi’s relationship, blending philosophy and practicality in his unique writing and training sessions. As a writer, he contributes to various periodicals worldwide.

As a trainer, Noorani excels in performance enhancement techniques such as NLP, effectively employing skills like creating anchors, roadmaps, and planning scenarios. His sought-after training and counselling sessions cover topics like Career Guidance, Leadership, Motivation, and Communication skills. He is also a dedicated researcher on Rumi, Sufism, and the utilisation of rumination and related stories in training. Proficient in Persian, he draws inspiration from classical Persian poetry and literature, infusing his presentations with a mystical aura.

Moreover, Rashid Noorani possesses digital and visual media expertise, focusing on minimalist Iranian cinema and national cinemas worldwide. His insights contribute to the examination of post-colonial agency in academic circles.

About the Show

Welcome to an episode of our podcast, where host Rajan Nazran engages in a thought-provoking conversation with Rasheed Noorani, an accomplished art educationalist and scholar hailing from Iran. In this captivating episode, Rasheed delves into the intricate realm of identity and offers profound insights into his journey.

Rasheed shares his profound experiences and reflections on the influence of Sufism in his life, describing how it has helped him find tranquillity amidst the chaos. Humbly considering himself a philosophy, literature, and Sufism student, he delves into the profound impact of these disciplines on his perception of the world.

Delving into the dynamics of modern society, Rasheed examines the distinction between religion and nationality, highlighting the evolving role of politics as a new form of religion. He ponders the meaning of life and its relationship to the ongoing discourse on identity within academia.

Expanding further, Rasheed challenges the conventional notion of truth, explaining how attempting to define every aspect of existence ultimately renders the world unreal. The conversation explores the limitations of language and our futile attempts to encapsulate the essence of existence through definitions.

He shares his unique understanding of death and its significance, offering intriguing perspectives on the concept of mortality. He also sheds light on the true essence of Sufism and laments its degradation in contemporary society.

Prepare for an engaging dialogue as Rasheed Noorani candidly speaks on diverse subjects, including politics, religion, identity, and the profound realm of Sufism. Stay tuned for an enriching and enlightening conversation.

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Script by Rajan Nazran
original idea: Rajan Nazran

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