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Best Lake Bled Camping Sites For Your 2024 Slovenia Trip

Camping is a favourite activity for many families, especially those with kids. And when it is associated with beautiful lakes, the experience becomes fantabulous. Imagine a fairy tale setting with a lake and a famous island on which there is a castle you can see from afar while sitting around a campfire. If 'magical' is the word that just crossed your mind, then it is time for you to go to Lake Bled camping in Slovenia.

Slovenia is a beautiful country known for its stunning landscapes, including Lake Bled, a must-visit destination for nature lovers. If you plan a trip to Slovenia in 2024, consider experiencing the country's natural charm by camping at some of the best Lake Bled camping sites. This article will explore three highly rated sites that offer a unique and memorable camping experience.

Camping Bled

Camping Bled is a popular camping site located right by the Lake Bled shore, offering a beautiful view of the lake and the surrounding nature. The tranquil spot, 2 km from the centre of Bled, is pet-friendly. The site features sanitary facilities, including toilet blocks and shower chairs. Nearby attractions include the Bled Island, a must-visit spot in the lake's middle, and the Bled Castle, offering a glimpse into Slovenia's history.

The campsite offers lodge tents for guests who prefer to avoid bringing their own tent or want an alternative accommodation option. These lodge tents are a blend of ruggedness and refinement, made with high-performance, durable materials. They provide a roomy interior with stand-up, walk-around comfort and may include features such as covered storm windows, vents for air circulation, and the option to use a wood-burning stove to keep warm.

The facilities include washbasins with cold and hot water, heated toilet facilities, individual wash cabins with hot and cold water, children's sanitary facilities, standard toilets with provided toilet paper, a chemical toilet disposal point, a toilet-shower combination, hot and cold showers, a family shower, water and toilet facilities for disabled people, a shower seat or chair, a baby room, private sanitary facilities, washing up sinks with hot and cold water, and laundry sinks with cold water.

The top-tier eco-friendly campsite is situated in a serene green valley adjacent to Lake Bled, providing a peaceful and natural environment for hiking and outdoor pursuits. The camping site offers bicycle rental services, allowing easy exploration of the surrounding area on two wheels.

River Camping Bled

River Camping Bled is another highly-rated camping site located near Lake Bled. The site offers a range of amenities, including a snack bar, camping pitches, and heated toilet facilities. The camping site is suitable for families with children and is known for its peaceful atmosphere. The nearby Vintgar Gorge is a popular spot for nature lovers, offering a chance to explore the local flora and fauna.

River Camping Bled is a family-run campsite located on a lush green peninsula surrounded by the River Sava near the renowned Lake Bled in Slovenia. The site offers a relaxed atmosphere and various accommodations, such as tents, mobile homes, and glamping huts. It includes a pool, a shop, and bicycle rental services for convenient exploration of the area. Additional costs may be incurred for some non-bold amenities. Visitors can have a worry-free camping experience as the campsite offers extra tents. Known for its cleanliness and welcoming staff, the campsite ensures guests a comfortable and pleasant stay.

ECO River Camp

ECO River Camp is a unique camping experience located near Lake Bled. The camping site offers a peaceful spot for campers to enjoy the natural beauty of the area. The site features a children's playground, making it a family-friendly destination. The nearby River Camping Bled offers additional amenities like a snack bar and camping pitches.

The establishment offers a variety of sports activities, including volleyball, badminton, and football. Moreover, they provide bike rentals and the opportunity to organize rafting, kayaking, horseback riding, and hiking excursions at the property, complete with complimentary transfers.


Before booking, you should know about the pitches. A marked pitch is a designated area on the campsite marked out for a specific tent or caravan, providing a clear boundary for each camping unit. These pitches have plenty of shade or are available unshaded, depending on the location and layout of the campsite. An unshaded pitch refers to a camping area without natural shade in a sunny area of the campsite. It may be preferred by guests who want to enjoy the warmth of the sun during their stay.


The mode of payment is to be confirmed with the reception desk while booking. In most cases, debit or credit card payment will be sufficient.

Services and Features

The campsites near Lake Bled manage wastewater drainage effectively to maintain a clean and hygienic environment for guests. Methods include providing wastewater drainage at or near the pitch, implementing separate waste collection systems, regular maintenance and cleaning, water treatment and recycling, and guest education on responsible waste disposal and water usage. These efforts prioritize wastewater management to ensure a clean and comfortable environment for visitors.

Most camping sites near Lake Bled, including Camping Bled, River Camping Bled, and ECO River Camp, provide hot and cold water facilities in the shower and toilet blocks for guests' comfort. Some glamping sites, such as Glamping Lake Bled with Private Hot Tub, offer private hot water tubs for guests to relax and unwind in their accommodations.

Visitors should be aware that "Wifi 80-100% coverage" in the context of Lake Bled camping refers to the percentage of the campsite area covered by wifi signals, ensuring guests can access the internet. Bled Camping and River Camping Bled offer wifi coverage for their guests. Additionally, caravans and motorhomes are allowed at these camping sites, providing visitors with a comfortable and convenient accommodation option.

Some campsites near Lake Bled, like River Camping Bled, Camping Bled-Sava, and Garden Village Bled, have swimming pools for their guests.

The safety of tourists is paramount, and hence, the roads and streets are well-lit at night. Do ask at the reception while booking for easy accessibility options for people with disabilities if you have a person in your group who needs wheelchair access. Rowing boats and boat rentals are available, and it is better to check on this facility beforehand.

Other Important Information

A passport or identity card is usually required for identification. Some camps have a supermarket that is open seven days a week. Public transport to the Lake Bled camping area is limited, but options are available for guests who prefer to avoid driving or want to minimize their carbon footprint. Visitors can take a train to the Lesce Bled train station and then transfer to a bus or taxi to reach the camping area. Alternatively, buses from nearby cities like Ljubljana bus station can be transferred to another bus to reach the camping area.


Slovenia offers a variety of camping options for those looking to explore the country's natural beauty. With Lake Bled as a starting point, you can discover the best camping sites in Sloven. Depending on your focus during camping, you should check out the time, location, price, and how the camping adventure fits into your itinerary when you decide to go for Lake Bled camping.

Book your spot in advance, as the campsites may get full. Have a great time, and create unforgettable, sweet memories!

Are there any glamping huts available in the camping area?

Glamping huts are offered at the camping area of Lake Bled. Camping Bled provides glamping huts with private hot tubs, ensuring a distinctive and lavish camping experience. Moreover, the ECO River Camp, Camping Garden Park, and Gozdne vile Glamping are alternative camping sites near Lake Bled that offer glamping huts, allowing guests to relish a comfortable and upscale camping experience amid nature.

Where can one go hiking and outdoor prospects at the camping sites?

River Camping Bled, one of the top-tier eco-friendly campsites, is situated in a serene green valley adjacent to Lake Bled, providing a peaceful and natural environment for hiking and outdoor pursuits. The camping site offers bicycle rental services, allowing easy exploration of the surrounding area on two wheels. Nearby Lake Bled and the Sava River provide scenic routes for mountain bikers.

Are there any campsites near Lake Bled that offer wellness services?

Campsites such as Bled Camping and River Camping Bled offer wellness services. Bled Camping provides access to the Živa Wellness pool complex, while River Camping Bled offers a relaxed ambience and is well-located for exploring nearby wonderful views, making it a suitable option for those seeking wellness services and contact with nature.

Can I use my ACSI Club ID at the campsites near Lake Bled?

CampingCard ACSI (identity document) is accepted at nearly 8200 European campsites. It is an alternative identification document and does not offer discounts or benefits. However, it provides a convenient means of identification at campsites without the need to submit your passport. The Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) is a distinct organization dedicated to empowering Christian schools and educators globally, focusing on the academic and spiritual preparation of students.

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