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South African citizens also going to be labelled as murderers on the world theatre?

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If South Africa traded arms with Russia, then our president and the ANC must be held directly responsible for a looming economic disaster - yet again - and would have blood on their hands

The allegations by the US ambassador that South Africa supplied arms to Russia in December 2022 in support of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, is another critically serious implication of the disastrous governance that South Africans have to contend with.

The US ambassador has asserted without fear of contradiction that arms and ammunition were loaded onto a ship at Simonstown destined for Russia to use in the killing fields of Ukraine.

Despite President Ramaphosa denying such allegations in parliament today (11/5/2-23), with our government its fast becoming a case of where there is smoke, there is fire.

With such an allegation, the rand dipped to a low of R19.30 to the dollar.

Firstly, the alarm bells would have already rung for foreign investors which our country sorely need and depend on for growth.

Second, our fiscus becomes under severe threat immediately.

Third, the hapless, struggling South African citizen will be even more burdened to survive with diminished economic growth.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has cost thousands of innocent lives and this is a sacrilege, and if our government and president has supported this war, then they must be held responsible because they would have blood on their hands - and must resign.

Notwithstanding our association with Russia through BRICS, we cannot be party to a war in the 21st century instigated by a power monger disguising such an invasion as a "special operation" , however some quarters may wish to justify it.

The horrific scenes out of Ukraine are heart-rending and no decent citizen of the world could condone such atrocities that Vladimir Putin and his cohorts are committing with impunity - only in the name of despicable power.

Our electricity crisis, our rising inflation, unemployment and crime seems secondary to the "old farts" who care less about this country and more about their image with a dictatorial despot determined to wreak havoc , carnage and murder on innocent women and children.

Ramaphosa must prove to the country that his denial of such allegations bears irrefutable evidence because the country is sick and tired of him and his ANC sycophants hoodwinking us time and time again - leading us on a perpetual path of economic despair and degeneration.


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