A Letter to The President Mr Cyril Ramaphosa

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Are you really serious about combating crime and corruption or are your "bold" televised utterances merely a ruse to hoodwink the South African public and to being politically correct?
Is the legacy of Babita Deokaran, the South African heroine, who paid the ultimate price for being patriotic and doing what you were supposed to do, going to be in vain?

The Tembisa hospital thuggery that occurred resulting in over R1 billion being corruptly siphoned off by unscrupulous and blatant thugs, is still in limbo.


Those fingered in the corruption are still busy enjoying the fruits of their malfeasance by conducting business at the health facility despite the Special Investigating Unit (SIU) identifying the culprits - does this not, at the very least, raise your eyebrow - noting your great boast about fighting corruption.

Are there any reasons as to why the investigations are at such a snail's pace and why the alleged "thugs" still busy doing business at the facility?

Mr. President - you are not doing your duty - nor is your sworn oath of office serving the justice of this land.

Why question you, you may ask?

It is simple - as the head honcho of this country who declared war on corruption, you have an obligation and a patriotic duty to enforce your bold proclamations - unless of course, they are simply the smokescreens to allow the festering of thuggery and thieving of the people's money by the well-connected - by the tacit silence and inaction on your part.

Forget trying to mediate peace between the Ukraine and Russia in their war - even the blind and uneducated would have told you that that was an exercise in absolute futility, wasting taxpayer's money - yet again.

The Tembisa Hospital scandal and the reticence to act decisively falls directly in your court - whether you like it or not.

Another scandal to erupt is the Sarika Lakraj-Naidoo revelations with regard to corruption in the City of Johannesburg involving many billions of rands - and as is convenient with those that launder our monies for their own gratification and grandeur - she was removed from her post.

Will this be another case that will be strangled in becoming a damp squib as billions would have been lost to those who parade in their expensive SUV's and upmarket properties, while the people suffer?

Put country before party first Mr. President - you owe it to us.

Radical action is required, more so now than ever, and your glorified utterances pale into insignificance and are no good to gundy, especially when no tangible and visible action is taken and the culprits are brought to book.

Are you perhaps waiting just to be re-elected or are you genuinely serious about what you say to the beleaguered South African people?

I caution that as the president of this country that your temperate and lukewarm and at times your evidently fake ferocity in combating crime and corruption is not going unnoticed - and there may just be a price to be paid for that - in time.

Narendh Ganesh

Narendh Ganesh is the chairperson of the Duffs Road Civic Association in north Durban, community activist and former member of the Minorities of South Africa party

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