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World Youth Skills Day Activities That Are Fun and Educational

In 2014, 15 July was declared World Youth Skills Day (WYSD) by the United Nations General Assembly through a resolution initiated by Sri Lanka.

This annual celebration places great emphasis on equipping the youth with essential skills for employment needed in their professional life for work, entrepreneurship, and personal success.

The theme for WYSD 2024 is "Youth Skills for Peace and Development," which highlights the crucial role young individuals play in promoting peace and conflict resolution.

It may sound a bit dull to some; however, gaining skills through creative World Youth Skills Day activities can be fun and engaging.

Use this blog to guide your WYSD into a fun day of learning and education.

Whether you're an educator, a parent, or simply passionate about youth skills development, these activities will definitely ignite a desire for lifelong learning, exploration, and skill development that will lead to a prosperous future.

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The Importance of World Youth Skills Day

Soft skills for a hard world | McKinsey

World Youth Skills Day is celebrated every year to foster the need to equip young individuals with essential skills needed for stable employment.

Since then, many World Youth Skills Day activities have been designed to provide young individuals with quality technical and vocational education and training.

Many participants have shared that the role of skills development programs is paramount in today's youth due to the world's rapid transition towards a sustainable future.

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Creative World Youth Skills Day Activities for 2024

Today is World Youth Skills Day: Creativity skills are important

Young people can be taught the skills needed for a peaceful world in numerous ways.

Firstly, they must understand that peace is not the mere absence of war. Instead, it also includes the presence of cooperation, understanding, and a feeling of unity.

Here are some creative World Youth Skills Day activities to further nurture essential skills needed to turn our youth into agents of peace:

Peace Through Cinematography

The allure of the theatre is a great way to spread awareness of peace and allow young individuals to not only come up with creative approaches to conflict resolution but also learn and implement them in their lives.

Children can be tasked with a conflict between a group of people and be asked to demonstrate their solutions to the conflict in groups through role plays.

Intercultural Exchange Programs

Schools can partner with youth organizations in other countries to facilitate interactions between students in person or through virtual events to build cultural awareness.

This also allows them to cultivate crucial intercultural skills, which play a critical role in their social development by helping them learn how to communicate with people outside of their own culture.

Peace Through Poetry

Literature, especially poetry, is a powerful tool that can be implemented in numerous skills training initiatives. For example, children can be asked to utilize their creative writing skills and express their thoughts on issues related to world peace through poetry.

Innovation Through Critical Thinking

Children can be presented with ongoing global crises - be it climate change, managing water resources, the challenges of unemployment, environmental challenges or violent conflicts between nations. Under supervision, they can be asked to debate and negotiate innovative solutions and provide valuable insights to tackle such global crises and bring about sustainable development and economic growth.

Art Competitions

Another great activity to conduct this WYSD to nurture youth development is an art competition. Children can be asked to demonstrate their ideas and viewpoints on peace through any form of art, be it a painting, a poster, or a drawing.

Providing Opportunities Through Workshops

Conducting workshops that provide training sessions and networking opportunities for students to gain meaningful employment and skill development opportunities is a great way to build a skilled youth workforce.

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World Youth Skills Day is not just a day of celebration; it is an urgent call to action.

By equipping young people with skills necessary for the current job market through quality skill development programs, we contribute not only to their personal development and future careers but also to a transformative future for the entire world.

This WYSD incorporates some fun and educational World Youth Skills Day activities to contribute not only to the professional growth of individual futures but also to the global culture of peace.


What is the purpose of World Youth Skills Day?

The primary purpose of World Youth Skills Day is to encourage current youth to equip themselves with the necessary skills to excel in their respective career paths. Additionally, it aims to foster environmental sustainability and technological advancements by overcoming youth challenges and building a skilled workforce.

What is the theme of the World Youth Skills Day in 2016?

The theme of World Youth Skills Day in 2016 was "Skills Development to Improve Youth Employment".

What is the theme of World Youth Skill Day 2018?

The theme of World Youth Skills Day in 2018 was "Innovation and Sustainability".

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