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Urgent Challenges of Human Rights and How We Can Solve Them

Yes, it is 2024, yet the fight against challenges of human rights continues.

Somewhere around the world, a little girl stares from her tiny window at the children happily running towards school - something she can only dream of.

And somewhere else, a man is struggling to be treated with respect all because of his skin colour.

Be it racial discrimination or discrimination against women, human rights violations continue to occur every day.

However, progress is always possible.

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As a global community, we have the power to shape how our world works. Let's discuss how you can make a difference by fighting against the challenges of human rights.

What are Human Rights?

Human rights are not granted to us because of where we come from - we deserve them for simply being human.

These rights are universal and they are inherent to us all regardless of our identity or background.

Human rights are founded on the principles of equality, dignity, and respect, which are shared across various cultures, religious beliefs, and philosophies.

The goal of human rights is to ensure the fair treatment of all people.

Examples of basic human rights include:

  1. Right to Life
  2. The Right to a Fair Trial
  3. Freedom from Torture
  4. Freedom of Speech
  5. Freedom of Religion
  6. Right to Health
  7. Right to Education

The Major Challenges of Human Rights Today

What is the Universal Declaration of Human Rights?

Let's discuss some of the most pressing challenges of human rights:

The Struggle for Freedom of Speech

Today, we live in a world where journalists are imprisoned for speaking the truth and where activists disappear to fight for their political rights and freedom of expression.

Individuals and organizations in positions of authority, such as governments and corporations, have begun using intimidation and violence to silence criticism against them.

Such a harsh suppression of speech negatively impacts the growth of the world by hindering progress. Moreover, it also halts any kind of accountability and transparency, leading to even worse human rights abuses.

The Fight Against Discrimination

The many forms of discrimination are one of the biggest barriers to creating a fair and equitable world.

Be it racial profiling, religious persecution, or gender-based violence, individuals and communities are denied opportunities just because of who they are.

Discrimination not only violates human rights but also slows down social and economic development, building an atmosphere of fear and division.


Access to basic necessities such as food, water, shelter, education, and healthcare are fundamental human rights. However, millions of people globally struggle to maintain their right to life and dignity, trapped in the seemingly endless cycle of poverty and deprivation.

Not only does poverty cause immense suffering, it is also a major cause of social unrest and instability.

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Combatting the Challenges of Human Rights

While it may seem that the issues we've discussed are too huge to combat, it is important to remember that with a united approach, progress is always possible.

Throughout history, numerous freedom fighters have proved the same through their willpower and bravery.

The fight against the challenges of human rights begins with us using our right to the freedom of speech and speaking out against injustice.

Here are a few ways to do so:

  1. Raising Awareness: With the easy access and widespread use of social media, it is quite easy to conduct peaceful human rights movements, human rights education workshops, or communities to build awareness about the violations of human rights in different parts of the world.
  2. Support the Media: A free press is necessary for the fight against human rights violations and holding people responsible for it accountable. There are many ways for you to contribute to free media, such as by subscribing to their content and supporting their journalism initiatives.
  3. Support Human Rights Institutions: Organizations such as these are on the front line of the battle against the challenges of human rights. You can support human rights organizations by donating to them, volunteering for them, or raising awareness of their organization.

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The challenges of human rights are something we have been facing for centuries; they are complicated, multifaceted, and extremely hard to battle.

However, such problems require a collective effort. We can achieve our goals quickly by advocating for human rights using the available technological resources, supporting the right media, and building productive conversations in individuals and communities regarding such issues.

Let us all become soldiers standing for human rights and create a more fair and equal world for all.


What are human rights problems?

Human rights are inherent to all human beings, regardless of who they are. Human rights issues begin when the fundamental needs and rights of individuals are abused and not met, such as the right to live or the right to freedom.

What is the biggest challenge to ensuring equal human rights?

One of the biggest challenges to ensuring equal basic rights is violence against human rights defenders who fight and stand against the abuse of human rights.

What are the major issues of human rights?

There are numerous issues related to basic human rights. However, some of the major ones are the struggle for freedom of speech and the fight against discrimination, gender equality, and poverty.

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