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The Ultimate Guide to Find Cheap Slovenian Food in Ljubljana

Ljubljana, the capital city of Slovenia, is famous for its staggering engineering and beautiful stream views. But what about the food scene? Indeed, fortunately, Ljubljana has a flourishing culinary culture that offers a variety of foods to fulfil each sense of taste. Also, the stunningly better news? In the city, you don't have to break the bank to savour some delectable meals. 

In this article, we've gathered a rundown of the leading 8 Cheap Slovenian Food in Ljubljana

that will tempt your taste buds without depleting your wallet.

Cheap Slovenian Food in Ljubljana with Reasonable Prices

There is a lot of cheap Slovenian food In Ljubljana, with delicious and enjoyable dining. They are controlled by local people and expats with incredible energy for fine cooking and eating. 

Slovenian cooking is different, and you would find customary Slovene dishes tasty and a refreshing break from ordinary current food sources.

Druga Violina: Socially Responsible Dining

Druga Violina is a one-of-a-kind restaurant serving delicious food while making a difference in the community. The eatery utilises individuals with inabilities, furnishing them with work, amazing open doors and advancing social consideration. Their menu includes various dishes, from Slovenian claims to fame to veggie-lover choices.

Neighbourhood dishes taste homemade, and the eatery offers various customary Slovenian food sources, including kranjska klobasa, struklji, and gibanica. Costs are reasonable, with most dishes going from €10-€14.

Hood Burger: Juicy Burgers

Hood Burger is a cutting-edge burger joint serving the most delightful burgers, sandwiches, and homemade fries. This well-known burger joint presents the best burgers in Ljubljana, with choices like the exemplary cheeseburger and the zesty chicken burger. The majority of burgers range in price from €6 to €10.

Sarajevo 84: True Balkan Taste

Sarajevo 84 is a comfortable diner situated in the core of Ljubljana, offering conventional Balkan food at reasonable costs. The eatery is enriched in a natural style, with wooden tables and seats and conventional Balkan enhancements. The menu includes an assortment of European, Slovenian, Eastern European, and Focal European meat dishes, including cevapi, pljeskavica, barbecued meat sticks, and veggie lover choices like barbecued vegetables. Try not to miss their custom-made bread, barbecued paprika, and sopka salad. Costs are sensible, with most dishes going from €8-€12.

Klobasarna: Sausage Heaven

For all the Frankfurter darlings out there, Klobasarna is the ideal spot. This little eatery spends significant time in conventional Slovenian sausages served in various ways. Klobasarna has something for everyone, from the traditional kranjska klobasa to the spicy evapi. The majority of dishes are priced between €5 and €8, making them affordable.

Falafel: Middle Eastern Delights

Falafel is a Center Eastern cafe that presents flavorful veggie lovers and vegetarian dishes. Their menu highlights falafel wraps, shawarmas, and hummus plates made with new and tasty fixings. Costs are reasonable, with most dishes going from €6-€10

Olimpija Burek: Local Street Food

This is the best option if you're looking for cheap Slovenian food in Ljubljana, preferably delivered! Burek (essentially signifies "pie") is a conventional nourishment for Turkey and practically all the Balkan locale as it once encountered an enormous Turkish impact. It became one of the most common local street foods filled with potato, cheese, meat, or something unique to Ljubljana, like pica burek. While searching for the best burek, consider Olimpija the most customary, traditional, and delicious.

Pop's Place: American Diner Classics

Pop's Place is the ideal spot if you need some classic American coffee shop food. Burgers, fries, milkshakes, and other classic dishes from this cosy diner will transport you to the 1950s. Costs are reasonable, with most dishes going from €6-€12.

As Aperitivo: Italian Treats

As Aperitivo is an Italian-style bar that presents tasty cocktails and little bites. Their menu includes a variety of Italian treats, including bruschetta, crostini, and panini. Costs are reasonable, with most dishes going from €6-€10.


With cheap Slovenian Food in Ljubljana cafes, the city is becoming prestigious for dazzling, five-star feasting. However, you can still eat efficiently in Ljubljana. Running against the norm, on the off chance that you search, you will find a couple of genuine diamonds among various burger stands, sandwich bars, grill eats, and other remote eateries.


Is it expensive to eat out in Ljubljana?

Even in Ljubljana, eating out can be expensive. Still, there are cheap Slovenian foods in Ljubljana that serve a variety of cuisines.

What food is Ljubljana known for?

One of the most customary dishes of Slovenia is Struklji, particularly in its capital, Ljubljana. It is made of rolls of fine mixture made with margarine, cheese, and eggs, battered in bread crumbs. By and large, they are then prepared.

Is Ljubljana cheaper than Budapest?

Living expenses are lower in Budapest than in Ljubljana.

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