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Kabir Bedi is a renowned international actor, celebrated by fans in various regions for his impressive performances. European audiences admire him for his role in Sandokan, while American fans know him from Bold and Beautiful. James Bond enthusiasts recognize him for his appearance in Octopussy, and Bollywood lovers appreciate his work in Indian films, both in India and the vast Indian diaspora worldwide. His illustrious career has spanned over three decades, captivating audiences on three continents through film, television, and theatre.

Kabir Bedi’s journey took him from Bollywood to Hollywood, where he shone brightly, eventually becoming a European star. In recognition of his exceptional contributions to the acting world, the Italian Government bestowed upon him the prestigious title of Cavaliere in 2010, Italy’s highest civilian honour. Kabir Bedi remains a beloved and celebrated international actor with a global following of millions of devoted fans.

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In this captivating episode, Rajan Nazran embarks on a journey to India to meet the legendary actor Kabir Bedi, whose illustrious career spans five decades, three continents, three languages, and three mediums. Kabir’s accomplishments are unparalleled, from his iconic roles in Knightrider, The Bold and the Beautiful, and Octopussy to portraying Shah Jahan.

Born to extraordinary parents with diverse backgrounds, Kabir shares the values instilled in him in his Buddhist/Sikh upbringing and how they have shaped his life. He delves into his global Indianness, tumultuous relationships, setbacks, love, and the journey of changing belief systems.

His autobiography “Stories I Must Tell: The Emotional Life of an Actor” offers further insights into this iconic figure’s life. Join Rajan as he engages in a heartfelt conversation with Kabir, an internationally renowned actor, discussing the meaning of identity, his spiritual journey, and the challenges of working across continents and languages. 

Don’t miss this fascinating podcast, where Kabir Bedi opens up about religion, philosophy, and his extraordinary career in the world of acting. Stay tuned for an inspiring episode!

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