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Cuthbert Ncube, a seasoned leader in the tourism industry, has held prominent positions in international and regional organisations, showcasing his extensive expertise. Currently serving as the Executive Chairman of the African Tourism Board, his primary focus is to forge strategic alliances within the industry and beyond, playing a pivotal role in uniting Africa as a formidable force in the world of tourism.

Cuthbert’s remarkable efforts in revitalising Africa’s tourism landscape post-COVID-19 have earned him the prestigious’ Heroes of Tourism’ Award. This accolade, endorsed by the renowned Global Tourism Security Expert Peter Tarlow, is a testament to Cuthbert’s impactful contributions.

An influential figure in the field, Cuthbert Ncube has also graced numerous local, regional, and International Conferences as a Guest Speaker, sharing his wealth of knowledge and insights with industry enthusiasts.

Cuthbert’s impressive career journey includes his role as the CEO of Kwela Fleet Management in South Africa and the Owner and Managing Director of the distinguished Golden Feathers Hotel in Cape Town. His impact extends globally, having served as a Former Regional Vice President and Board Member of the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO). He also holds key positions as a Non-Executive Director in the African Tourism Partners and the Sustainable Tourism Partnership Programme.

Beyond his professional endeavours, Cuthbert Ncube is a dedicated humanitarian actively involved in various community development initiatives. In his personal pursuits, he finds solace in music and indulges in gardening during his leisure time.

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As we approach the upcoming holiday season, thoughts of vacations occupy everyone’s minds—whether it’s a solo adventure or a getaway with family and friends. While the sun-kissed beaches of Africa may appear as idyllic as scenes from a travel magazine, it’s time to confront a pertinent question: how intimately are we acquainted with these destinations, and to what extent have these regions effectively portrayed their potential to emerge as the next significant trend in the travel landscape?

In an exclusive and insightful conversation, Rajan Nazran extends a warm invitation to Cuthbert Ncube, the esteemed Executive Chairman of the Africa Tourism Board. This candid discussion promises to navigate the intricacies of the African tourism industry, delving into the nuances of economic planning, strategic investment decisions, intra-Africa trade, and a critical examination of the determination within tourism ministries. Anticipate a wealth of knowledge from a leading figure in the industry.

Ncube, recognised for his instrumental role in fostering a network supportive of African tourism, has positioned the continent as a prime destination for travel and investment opportunities. He shares valuable insights into the imperative synergy between the public and private sectors, shedding light on the pivotal role policymakers play and highlighting tourism as a catalyst for national prosperity.

Join us for this engaging dialogue, where Ncube provides a nuanced perspective on the intricate workings of the African tourism landscape, revealing the potential for these destinations to become not only sought-after travel spots but also lucrative investment hubs.

Produced by Global Indian Series for the Global Indian Network.

Script by Rajan Nazran
original idea: Rajan Nazran

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