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Queen Elizabeth National Park Uganda Safari: Packages And Cost

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Embark on an extraordinary journey into the heart of Uganda's wilderness with a Queen Elizabeth National Park Uganda safari. This iconic national park, nestled in the western part of the country, is a haven of biodiversity, offering an array of wildlife experiences against the stunning backdrop of the Rwenzori Mountains. In this guide, you will explore the packages, costs, and captivating attractions that await you in Queen Elizabeth National Park.

Queen Elizabeth National Park: Uganda's Beauty

Unveil the natural wonders of Queen Elizabeth National Park, a remarkable wilderness nestled in Uganda's western heartland. Here, you'll discover the awe-inspiring landscape defined by the picturesque Lakes George and Edward, the enchanting Kazinga Channel, and the primate-rich Kyambura Gorge.

The Magnificent Landscape: Lakes George and Edward

Queen Elizabeth National Park boasts breathtaking scenery with two stunning lakes, George and Edward, defining its boundaries. These picturesque water bodies offer boat cruises and panoramic views of the surrounding landscape.

The Kazinga Channel: A Natural Wonder

The Kazinga Channel, connecting Lakes George and Edward, is a prime attraction. Discover its thriving wildlife, including hippos and crocodiles, during boat cruises that allow you to get up close to the inhabitants of these waters.

Kyambura Gorge: A Primate Paradise

Kyambura Gorge is a primate enthusiast's paradise. Explore this narrow gorge and its lush surroundings, home to chimpanzees and other primate species, offering a unique trekking experience.

Wildlife Encounters: Game Drives and Tree-Climbing Lions

Prepare for thrilling wildlife encounters as we embark on game drives through the park's diverse terrain. In this section, we'll delve into the fascinating world of Queen Elizabeth's diverse mammal species and uncover the iconic tree-climbing lions that call the Ishasha sector home.

Game Drives: Tracking Mammal Species

Embark on exhilarating game drives in Queen Elizabeth National Park, where you'll have the chance to spot a wide variety of mammal species, from Uganda Kob to elephants, in their natural habitat.

The Tree-Climbing Lions of Ishasha

Venture to the Ishasha sector of the park, famous for its tree-climbing lions. Witness these remarkable big cats as they rest atop acacia trees—a truly unique sight.

Mweya Safari Lodge: Your Gateway to the Wild

Mweya Safari Lodge offers comfortable accommodation with stunning views of the park and the Kazinga Channel. Relax in this luxurious lodge while enjoying the sights and sounds of the African wilderness.

Biodiversity Beyond Imagination: Birds, Forests, and Crater Lakes

Experience the astonishing biodiversity that thrives within Queen Elizabeth National Park, with its remarkable bird species, lush tropical forests, and enigmatic explosion craters and crater lakes. This section explores the park's natural diversity beyond your wildest imagination.

A Birder's Paradise: Bird Species Galore

With over 600 species of birds, Queen Elizabeth National Park is a haven for birdwatchers. Keep an eye out for the African skimmer, Jacana Safari Lodge, and White-winged Terns, among others.

Exploring the Tropical Forests

Explore the park's tropical forests, including Kalinzu Forest and Maramagambo Forest, home to a rich diversity of plant and animal life, including primates and giant forest hogs.

The Enigmatic Explosion Craters and Crater Lakes

Discover the enigmatic explosion craters and crater lakes scattered throughout the park, remnants of extinct volcanoes. These geological wonders provide opportunities for exploration and offer serene landscapes.

Primate Treasures: Chimpanzee and Gorilla Trekking

Join in the quest for primate treasures as we venture into Kyambura Gorge and explore the enchanting world of chimpanzees. Additionally, we'll discover how Queen Elizabeth National Park serves as a gateway to unforgettable gorilla trekking excursions in neighboring forests.

Kyambura Gorge: The Ultimate Destination for Chimpanzee Tracking

Kyambura Gorge is not only famous for its scenic beauty but also for its population of chimpanzees. Embark on an adventure to track these intelligent primates in their natural habitat.

Gorilla Trekking Excursions

While Queen Elizabeth National Park is not primarily known for gorilla trekking, it serves as a gateway to nearby Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park, where you can embark on unforgettable gorilla trekking experiences.

The Fabled Fig Tree Camp

Nestled in the heart of the park, Fig Tree Camp offers comfortable accommodation and is an ideal base for your primate trekking adventures.

Planning Your Queen Elizabeth National Park Safari

In this section, we'll help you plan your ultimate Queen Elizabeth National Park safari. You'll learn about the best times to visit, the range of accommodation options, and how to make the journey from Uganda's bustling capital city, Kampala, to this extraordinary safari destination.

Best Time to Visit: Dry Season vs. Wet Season

Consider the time of your visit carefully, as the dry season (June to August and December to February) is ideal for wildlife viewing, while the wet season (March to May and September to November) brings lush landscapes but occasional rainfall.

Accommodation Options: From Luxury Lodges to Budget Camps

Queen Elizabeth National Park offers a range of accommodation options, from luxury lodges like Katara Lodge to budget-friendly choices like Simba Safari Camp, ensuring there's something for every traveler.

Getting There: From the Capital City to the Park

Plan your journey from Uganda's capital city, Kampala, to Queen Elizabeth National Park, taking into account transportation options and the approximately 6 to 7-hour drive to reach this incredible safari destination.


In conclusion, a Queen Elizabeth National Park Uganda safari promises an array of captivating experiences, from wildlife encounters and primate trekking to bird watching and exploration of scenic wonders. With its diverse attractions and natural beauty, this national park stands as one of East Africa's major attractions, inviting you to immerse yourself in an unforgettable African safari adventure.


Is there any ticket for Queen Elizabeth Park?

Yes, there is an entrance fee for Queen Elizabeth National Park. The fee for foreign non-residents was $40 per person for a 24-hour visit and $60 for a 72-hour visit.

Is Queen Elizabeth National Park worth visiting?

Queen Elizabeth National Park is definitely worth visiting. It offers exceptional wildlife viewing, stunning landscapes, and a range of activities that make it a must-visit destination for nature and safari enthusiasts.

How much does it cost to enter the Royal National Park?

The Royal National Park mentioned may refer to a different park, as there is no widely recognized "Royal National Park" in Uganda. Please specify the park you're referring to for accurate cost information.

Where can I see lions in Uganda?

You can see lions in various national parks and wildlife reserves in Uganda, with Queen Elizabeth National Park and Murchison Falls National Park being popular choices for lion sightings. These parks are known for their tree-climbing lions, a unique attraction in Uganda.

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