Minimalism: Living With Less

Have you ever been in a situation where your house is a mess, you're overwhelmed by the clutter, and you just wish you had fewer possessions to deal with?

You would probably be intrigued to learn about the minimalist movement - a philosophy that believes in striving towards simplicity and living with the intention of a more stress-free life. 

But what exactly is minimalism, and how can it really help?

What is Minimalism? 

As per Break the Twitch, minimalism is a type of lifestyle that aims to reduce distractions and help you do things that truly matter to you. 

Minimalism goes beyond materialistic items. 

Its fundamental belief is to focus on the basics and conserve time and energy by eliminating everything that is unnecessary. 

When there are no details to look after, all you have to worry about is the basics. 

Many people believe minimalism to be a form of sacrifice and deprivation. However, it is quite simple: focusing on quality over quantity. Minimalism believes in selecting everything based on how much purpose it gives one in eliminating distractions and making mindful choices. 

In essence, a minimalist lifestyle is more about internal focus and personal harmony over external validations. 

Where Does Minimalism Come From?

The notion of minimalism began in the mid-20th century after the war, which boosted demand for goods.

Before the war, people lived with a scarce amount of supplies and had limited options for daily necessities. Not long after that, consumerism flourished and gave birth to maximalism. 

However, the concept of minimalism slowly began in the 1960s and 1970s. It was apparent how artists started favoring more simplistic designs with objective meanings rather than the excessive layers of abstract expressionism. 

This trend slowly spread from art to architecture, products, and, subsequently, to interior designs and the lifestyle of the people. 

Do Less, Achieve More

While it could be challenging to jump straight into minimalism, taking small steps to adopt a minimalistic mindset can go a long way in making a positive difference in your life. 

The following are a few tips that can help in bringing about a minimalistic mindset into your life:

  1. Why do you want a simple life?: The first step is to begin with setting your intentions right. Grab a journal and a pen, and note down why you think a minimalistic approach would be good for you. 
  2. Discard the duplicates: Walk through your home and trash out all the duplicates you have. Three shampoos, of which you only use one? Throw it away. Two copies of the same book? Give it away to someone. 
  3. Make your house clutter-free: You could do this by selecting one area of your home, be it a corner in your living room or a shelf in the kitchen. Make it clutter-free and slowly expand the style to other areas of the house. 
  4. Project 333: Project 333 is an amazing Minimalist Fashion Challenge that has been redefining the wardrobes and lives of many around the globe. It challenges people to dress with just 33 items for three months. The benefit of this challenge is to stick to a small commitment and see if it works for you before embarking on a long-term journey. 
  5. Do Less: When you calculate your progress by how much you get done, it never seems to be enough. The glamor of productivity will always call to you, urging you to do more and more. It won't be long before you realize that you've drained yourself out. Minimalism can show you that doing less can eliminate burnout from your life. It is important to know that doing more things does not necessarily make you a better person. 

Minimalism is a journey meant to be embarked on with small steps, one at a time. It is all about quality over quantity, focusing on a personal perspective more than external validation. 

Welcome the freedom that comes with living with less and enjoying a simpler, stress-free life. 

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