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How to Register a Company in Slovenia

Suppose you are wondering how to register a company in Slovenia. In that case, you must know that it is a seamless process accommodating diverse individuals and entities. Whether you are a resident of an EU or EEA Member Country, a natural person, or a foreign company, the registration procedure remains uniform. This comprehensive guide outlines the pivotal steps and considerations for registering a company in Slovenia, delving into crucial aspects such as legal forms, company name, representatives, head office, and more.

Company Name

Embarking on the journey of registering a company in Slovenia begins with a crucial step – selecting a distinctive company name. In this section, we delve into the importance of verifying the uniqueness of your chosen name through the AJPES business register. Before registering, you must confirm the uniqueness of the company name you selected by consulting the AJPES business register.

Company's Representatives

Navigating the intricate landscape of company registration requires understanding the roles of company representatives. Discover the essentials of appointing directors and procurators, which is crucial for various company structures. All forms of companies, excluding sole traders, necessitate the appointment of at least one company director. Explore considerations for directors who are not employed, students, or retired.

Head Office of the Company

Before the establishment of your company, setting up the head office is a foundational step. Uncover the significance of choosing a business address, the hub for your company's activities, and the intricacies involved in this process. Before company registration, establishing the head office and business address is essential. Understand the distinction between the head office, where activities are conducted, and the business address.

Activities of the Company

Explore the diverse landscape of economic activities as we discuss the establishment conditions and entry requirements for specific business operations. Gain insights into permits and qualifications essential for certain activities. While no particular conditions apply to company establishment, certain activities may have entry conditions or require permits. Delve into the list of regulated activities for detailed insights.

Choosing the proper legal structure for your company is pivotal. In this section, we explore the organizational forms available in Slovenia, focusing on the famous limited liability company (LLC) and public limited company (PLC). Choose from a variety of organizational forms, with a focus on understanding the intricacies of the limited liability company (LLC or d.o.o.) and public limited company (PLC or d.d.).

Registration Process to Register a Company in Slovenia

Embark on a journey through the streamlined registration process, which takes less than three days. Learn about the convenience of online registration through the Slovenian Business Point portal or SPOT point locations, especially with a digital certificate. Understand the simplicity and speed of the establishment process, which takes less than three days. Explore the option of online registration through the Slovenian Business Point portal or SPOT point locations with a digital certificate.

Articles of Association

Understand the regulatory framework that governs the establishment, management, and organization of companies in Slovenia. Navigate the key aspects of the Companies Act and its implications on your business. Gain insights into the Companies Act, which governs the establishment, management, and organization of companies in Slovenia.

Foreign Investors

Obtaining a Slovenian tax number is a prerequisite for non-residents venturing into the Slovenian business landscape. In this section, we outline the requirements and considerations for foreign investors. Non-residents must acquire a Slovenian tax number before initiating the business setup in Slovenia. Unpack the essential requirements for foreign investors.

Corporate Income Tax

Delve into corporate income tax and its implications on different business entities. Understand the tax considerations that play a crucial role in the financial aspect of your company. Explore the tax implications for business entities, including corporate income tax considerations.

Real Estate and Virtual Office

Whether choosing physical or virtual premises, this section explores the factors influencing the selection of business premises. Gain insights into real estate considerations and the practicality of a virtual office. Consider crucial factors related to business premises, whether physical or virtual, impacting the registration process.

Corporate Bank and Tax Register

Navigate the financial infrastructure landscape by understanding the steps in setting up corporate banking and tax registration. Ensure a seamless operation for your registered company with a well-established financial foundation. Understand the vital steps for setting up the financial and tax infrastructure, ensuring a smooth operation for the registered company.


In summary, you must now know how to register a company in Slovenia. It is a streamlined process that accommodates a diverse range of individuals and businesses. From selecting a unique name to navigating legal structures and embracing foreign investment, Slovenia offers a transparent and efficient path. The Companies Act provides a robust regulatory framework, ensuring a solid foundation for business operations. Entrepreneurs can establish their ventures in less than three days with a swift registration process, online options, and digital certificates. Slovenia's commitment to simplicity and transparency makes it an attractive destination for those looking to embark on a successful business journey.


How much does it cost to register a company in Slovenia?

Get clarity on the costs associated with the registration process and any additional fees for specific services or certificates.

Can a foreigner open a company in Slovenia?

Learn about the opportunities for foreigners to register and operate a company in Slovenia, contingent upon obtaining a Slovenian tax number.

Which country is easiest to register a company?

Explore why Slovenia is an accessible and favourable choice for entrepreneurs due to its straightforward and efficient registration process.

How do I open a d.o.o. in Slovenia?

Discover the streamlined process of opening a d.o.o. (limited liability company) in Slovenia, emphasizing the convenience of obtaining a digital certificate for online registration.

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