How To Reach Lake Bled From Ljubljana Airport – 5 Choices

One of Slovenia's most beautiful sights is Lake Bled. The mystical region has everything for the ideal escape: a palace, a beautiful little island, astonishing climbing trails, and isolated swimming spots. This blog discusses how to go from Ljubljana airport to Lake Bled.

Different Ways to Go from Ljubljana Airport to Lake Bled


Taxis in Slovenia compute their passages utilising a taximeter in light of the time and distance headed out to your location. Depending on traffic, a trip from Ljubljana airport to Lake Bled should cost around €40. It is great to realise that there are no cost distinctions for day, night and end-of-the-week trips. 

The Ljubljana air terminal taxi rank is found straightforwardly before the terminal structure. The passage for the ride is flexible, and changes rely upon a few variables, including traffic conditions and your final location.

Private Taxi

Confidential taxis, available every minute at every air terminal, ensure a safe and comfortable arrival at your destination with pickup service guarantees. Browse vehicles, limousines, SUVs, and minivans for your exchange, all kept up to the best quality for your solace and well-being. With professional English-speaking drivers waiting for you at the designated location, door-to-door service ensures a stress-free journey.  

You are most likely to encounter fixed-rate costs, secure instalment choices, and a 100 per cent discount ensured with free 48-hour cancellations.


There are two transport choices to get from Ljubljana airport to Lake Bled. The quickest transport choice is to take the transport from the air terminal to Kranj (20 minutes) and from that point, take an interfacing transport to Lake Bled (40 minutes), carrying your all-out cost to €5.40, or you can take the transport to Ljubljana downtown area (50 minutes) where you can take an associating transport to Bled(60 minutes) the excursion will cost a sum of €10.40. 

Take the Alpetour transport, which can be tracked down before the airport. Further, buses do not operate after 21:40, so if you arrive late at night, you will need to find another means of transportation.


Taking the train may be convenient, but the airport does not have a train station. The closest train station to Ljubljana Air terminal is in Kranj, roughly 8 km away. Notwithstanding, getting to Kranj from the air terminal would require an exchange, which could time-consume.

Another choice is to travel to central Ljubljana, where you can find the main train station. This would likewise require an exchange from the air terminal, adding additional time and work to your excursion.


Some shuttle services work between Ljubljana airport and Lake Bled. These services can be arranged upon arrival or may require advance booking. Transport administrations are usually more practical than taxis and may give Lake Bled an agreeable and direct exchange. Most transport administrations have an assigned gathering point at the air terminal where you'll meet your driver or delegate. The gathering point data and any extra directions are usually given in your booking affirmation. 


Before settling on a decision from Ljubljana airport to Lake Bled, consider factors like financial plan, comfort, and the number of individuals in your gathering. It's wise to check for movement limitations, particularly if you're arranging your outing during explicit times or under particular conditions.


How to get to Lake Bled from the airport?

The fastest method for getting from Ljubljana Airport to Lake Bled is by taxi.

How much is a taxi from Bled to Ljubljana Airport?

The most reasonable method for getting from Ljubljana Airport to Lake Bled is by bus, which costs approximately €3 - €7 and takes 1 hour and 23 minutes.

Is Lake Bled a day trip from Ljubljana?

Bled is easily visited on a road trip from Ljubljana.

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