Degrading Mentality and Morality of Society

Fundamental Reasons Behind the Degrading Mentality and Morality of Society

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We take pride in being in the 21st century, a progressive and fruitful one, but a significant fault that we seem to unsee is the degrading morality and mentality of society, which, in a way, not only haunts us but affects our daily lives. The progress of a country and individuals depends mainly on society. The better the society, the more friendly the environment to live in. 

We can see in our daily lives people picking up fights unnecessarily for no reason at all, or even more than half of the pages of the newspaper seem to be covered with such news of hate, killing, riots, etc. We helplessly watch it happen, crying over it for a few days, and then forget all the incidents. 

Many possible reasons are behind this degradation of humanness. Let's figure it out and take a positive note out of it. The possible reasons could be the role of social media, politicians' influence, the competitive world, and an individual's ego. Let's discuss this one by one. 

Social media is one of the best things that has happened in this modern technology-friendly world. There are many great usages of it if the intentions are good. Anything that has pros has its cons as well. Social media have instigated many incidents of violence; not just differences of opinions have led to people going against each other. People have been affected by the content available there. 

Politics has been the core strength of India in developing the country, which has been effective many times if governed correctly. There have been a few instances where the head of the ruling party has made decisions that have not been for the welfare of the citizens of the country. It instigated violence to such a level that tarnished the image of a welfare country.

But this doesn't stop here; the main problem lies in the mindset of the followers of politicians who blindly follow without questioning the government, leading to riots, violence, and chaos. These ideologies need to be figured out by the people to know their actual value and the hidden objectives behind the politicians' ideologies. 

The other important reason for people losing their minds and freaking out quickly is the competitive world out there. Everyone wants to succeed and be in the good books of people, a person to be looked at. As a result, they all want to succeed as soon as possible. This immediate want of success puts an extra burden on them. Success is the key to solving many problems in people's lives. This pressure creates a pettish attitude, leading them to pick up fights over trivial issues unnecessarily.

The ego is the person's personality, which gives them a sense of self-importance. It is responsible for the sense of identity of a person. This ego comes as a result of experience and constant interaction with the world, including the upbringing by the family and social and cultural background. The ego, however, becomes harmful when it is inflated. The constant success and perfection in everything get to people's minds, developing a self-centred attitude. This negative ego irritates and frustrates the person on not being heard or when their ideas are not considered. They then try to be in the limelight or superior, leading to a bit of disagreement between them and the others. A negative ego also makes people arrogant, narcissistic, and self-centred. This makes them less likely to consider the feelings of others and leads to them bullying and belittling others, and they can be aggressive sometimes.

From all the circumstances mentioned above, we can understand that it's hard to control our emotions, but if we try to better ourselves and be human, which is the basic need of the hour, we can create a beautiful environment around us.

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