best slovenian food in ljubljana

Best Slovenian Food in Ljubljana You Must Try

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Are you planning a trip to Ljubljana, the capital city of Slovenia, and wondering where to find the best Slovenian cuisine? Look no further! Ljubljana is a city with a rich culinary tradition, and there are plenty of restaurants and bistros where you can sample traditional Slovenian dishes. Consider this article as a food guide, and look at some of the best Slovenian food in Ljubljana, including traditional dishes, Slovenian wines, and vegetarian options.

Best Slovenian Food in Ljubljana

We have compiled a list for you. Whenever you are in Ljubljana, include these in your travel itinerary.

Traditional Dishes

Slovenian cuisine is a rich blend of diverse culinary influences, including Croatian, Hungarian, Austrian, and Italian cooking elements. Primarily originating from humble beginnings, the cuisines reflect Slovenia's abundant cultural variety and deep ties to different regions. Here are some traditional Slovenian dishes that you must try when in Ljubljana:

Idrijski Žlikrofi: These are small dumplings filled with potato, onion, and bacon and served with a light butter sauce and breadcrumbs.

Ajdovi Žganci: This is a traditional Slovenian dish made from buckwheat flour, water, and salt. It is usually served with a side of sauerkraut or turnip.

Obara: This is a hearty soup made from beans, potatoes, and smoked meat.

Pohorski Pisker: This stew is made from beef, potatoes, and onions and flavoured with paprika and garlic.

Golaž: This is a meat stew made from beef, pork, or game and flavoured with paprika and other spices.

Kranjska Klobasa: This is a sausage made from pork and flavoured with garlic and pepper.

Ocvirki: These are crispy pork cracklings often used as a topping for soups and stews.

Potica: This is a sweet pastry made from yeast dough filled with various fillings, such as walnuts, poppy seeds, or cottage cheese.

Other must-visit restaurants include Luda Restaurant; exploring the diverse array of traditional food is a delightful adventure through a realm of flavours. Hearty dishes such as jota, štruklji, kranjska (a Slovenian version of smoked sausage), and potica epitomize the warm and welcoming essence of Slovenian excellent service and culinary artistry.

Slovenian Wines

The country has three main wine-making Slovenian regions: Primorska, Posavje, and Podravje. Here are some wine bars that you should try when in Ljubljana:

Rebula: This is a white wine from the Primorska region, made from the Rebula grape. It has a crisp, refreshing taste and pairs well with seafood and white meat.

Cviček: This is a red wine from the Posavje region, made from a blend of red and white grapes. It has a light, fruity taste and is often served chilled.

Modra Frankinja: This red wine is from the Podravje region and is made from the Modra Frankinja grape. It has a rich, full-bodied taste and pairs well with red meat and game.

Slovenian winemakers are pioneers in developing orange wine, characterized by its unique production method involving extended skin contact during fermentation. This imparts an amber or orange hue to the wine. Slovenia takes pride in producing award-winning orange wines that showcase the diversity of the country's terroirs. The global recognition of Slovenian orange wine emphasizes its impact on the international wine scene. It contributes to the country's reputation as a top-quality wine region.

Vegetarian Options

If you're a vegetarian, don't worry! Ljubljana has many vegetarian options, and many restaurants offer vegetarian versions of traditional Slovenian dishes. Here are some vegetarian dishes that you should try:

Sirovi Štruklji: These are small dumplings filled with cottage cheese and served with a light butter sauce and breadcrumbs.

Rižota: This is a creamy risotto made with mushrooms, asparagus, or other vegetables.

Bela Polenta: This type of polenta is made from white cornmeal and served with a side of sautéed vegetables.

For vegan options, some of the food restaurants you should visit are Loving Hut, Bistro Maha, Grashka Deli, Green Republic, and Veganika.

Delicious food, along with attentive service, is something most travellers look forward to. Some even make that the biggest charm of travelling.

Ljubljana Restaurants

Ljubljana has a vibrant food scene, and there are plenty of popular restaurants where you can sample the best Slovenian food. Here are some of the most popular restaurants in Ljubljana:

Slovenska Hiša: This traditional food restaurant is in the heart of Ljubljana's old town. It offers a wide range of traditional Slovenian dishes, including Idrijski Žlikrofi, Kranjska Klobasa, and Potica.

Druga Violina: This social enterprise restaurant employs people with disabilities. It offers a range of traditional Slovenian dishes, international cuisine and vegetarian options.

Vigo Wine Bar: This wine bar offers a wide range of Slovenian wines, as well as traditional Slovenian dishes and tapas.

Central Market: This market is located in the heart of Ljubljana, where you can find a wide range of traditional food, including sausages, cheeses, and pastries.

Travellers are happy with the food quality and the friendly service offered by Slovenian restaurants.

City Centre

If you're looking for the best Slovenian food in Ljubljana, the city centre is the place to be. Many of the city's best restaurants and bistros are located in the old town, which is easily accessible on foot. Here are some of the best restaurants in the city centre:

Restavracija Strelec: This is a restaurant located in Ljubljana Castle that offers an extensive menu with a wide range of traditional Slovenian dishes, as well as international cuisine.

Julija: This is a bistro in the old town that offers a range of traditional tasty food and vegetarian options.

Kodila Meet Meat Market: This restaurant specializes in meat dishes, including traditional Slovenian sausages and steaks.

Divine: This is a restaurant that offers a range of international cuisine, as well as vegetarian options. You can't help noticing the helpful staff.

Restaurant Šestica: This is a restaurant that offers a range of traditional Slovenian dishes, as well as international cuisine.

Remember to visit the City Center. You don't want to miss fantastic food and friendly staff during your trip.

Street Food

Slovenian street food offers a delightful array of quick and easy snacks, reflecting the country's rich culinary heritage. The street food culture in Ljubljana has flourished, featuring a mix of traditional and international flavours. Ljubljana's street food caters to various tastes, from savoury pastries to grilled meats and sweets. Some popular traditional street food options include burek, Carniola klobasa, and ćevapčići, which are quick and easy on-the-go snacks.

The street food scene in Ljubljana has also evolved to include various international options, such as Korean and American fast food, providing a diverse range of choices for foodies looking for a quick bite.

Other Food Treats

Odprta Kuhna, translated as "Open Kitchen," is a popular culinary event in Ljubljana, Slovenia, held every Thursday and Friday from June to late October (weather permitting). It transforms Pogačarjev Trg in Ljubljana's old town into a bustling hub of gastronomic delights, featuring diverse street food, gourmet offerings, and local specialities.

The other food hotspots are Abi Falafel, an Arabic restaurant; Pekarna Osem (freshly baked goods) and Monstera Bistro (the boutique, homely yet modern vibe of the restaurant attracts both locals and tourists daily); and Moji Struklji (known for its delicious dumplings, or "štruklji"). Pri Škofu includes Slovenian dishes, Mediterranean cuisine, seafood, game dishes, vegetarian dishes, and grilled dishes.


The capital city is rich in culinary tradition, and there are plenty of restaurants and bistros where you can sample the best Slovenian food. Whether you're looking for traditional dishes, Slovenian wines, or vegetarian options, there's something for everyone in Ljubljana. So, what are you waiting for? Book your trip today and discover the best Slovenian food in Ljubljana! Let us know about the amazing experience you had at your favourite restaurant.


Are there any world-famous restaurants in Ljubljana?

JB restaurant offers a unique and elegant dining experience, attracting those seeking contemporary Slovenian cuisine. Renowned for its diverse menu, including vegetarian options, the restaurant's signature dish, the Ravioli JB, stands out. JB has garnered widespread acclaim, being the first Slovenian restaurant to make the prestigious World's 50 Best Restaurants list and earning a coveted Michelin star.

Are there any restaurants near Tivoli Park?

Gostilna Čad (offering a diverse menu and a pleasant culinary experience) and Hot' Horse (known for its unique Hot Horse Burger) are two restaurants that should be visited.

Where can one get gourmet burgers in Ljubljana?

Pop's Place is renowned for its exceptional gourmet burgers, authentic barbecue dishes, craft beers, and cocktails. The restaurant, known as Ljubljana's premier gastropub, offers a unique dining experience focusing on fine gourmet burgers.

Is there a smoothie bar in Ljubljana?

Oakberry Açaí, a renowned Açaí and smoothie bar, has a presence in Slovenia. They offer authentic Brazilian Açaí bowls, providing a healthy and nutritious option for fast food.

Is there a gluten-free option in Ljubljana?

Dezela Okusov is a gluten-free restaurant in Ljubljana, established in 2021, and the second 100% gluten-free restaurant in the entire country. The establishment prides itself on offering high-quality, 100% gluten-free cuisine, providing a safe and delightful dining experience for individuals with gluten sensitivities or celiac disease.

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