Authentic Poutine Recipe: Ingredients and Instruction

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Indulging in the true essence of comfort cuisine, Poutine combines a symphony of flavours that delight the taste buds with every savoury bite. With its origins rooted in the heart of Quebec, this iconic dish has captured the hearts of food enthusiasts worldwide. A delectable ensemble of crispy fries, cheese curds that playfully squeak with each chew, and a rich beef broth gravy, Poutine embodies simplicity and indulgence in perfect harmony.

So, let's embark on a culinary adventure and learn how to craft this authentic poutine recipe that pays homage to its flavorful history, elevating your dining experience to a whole new level.

Ingredients You'll Need

Creating an authentic poutine that captures the essence of this beloved dish requires a careful selection of quality ingredients. Each element contributes to the symphony of flavours that make poutine an authentic comfort food. Here's a rundown of what you'll need:

1. Potatoes: Choose russet or Yukon Gold potatoes for the perfect balance of crispiness and tenderness in your fries.

2. Cheese Curds: The hallmark of poutine, cheese curds are essential. Opt for fresh, white cheddar curds that offer that characteristic squeakiness and rich dairy flavour.

3. Beef Broth: A robust beef broth forms the base of the gravy, infusing the dish with deep, savoury notes. You can make your own or use high-quality store-bought broth.

4. Butter: Unsalted butter enriches the gravy and the fries.

5. All-Purpose Flour: Flour serves as the thickening agent for the gravy, creating a smooth and luscious consistency.

6. Salt and Pepper: Basic seasonings that enhance the flavour of both the fries and the gravy.

7. Vegetable Oil: You'll need this for frying the potatoes to achieve that signature golden crispiness.

8. Fresh Herbs (Optional): Some recipes use chopped fresh herbs like parsley or chives to garnish the final dish.

With these foundational ingredients in your culinary arsenal, you're ready to craft a poutine that pays homage to tradition while embracing your personal touch. The following steps will guide you through turning these components into a delightful masterpiece that captures the heart and palate of anyone lucky enough to savour it.

Preparing the Fries

The foundation of any exceptional poutine lies in the perfectly cooked fries. Crispy on the outside, and tender on the inside, these fries provide the ideal canvas for the rich toppings and hot gravy that define this dish.

1. Peel and Cut: Begin by peeling the medium potatoes and cutting them into uniform sticks. A thickness of about 1/4 to 1/2 inch works well. This ensures even cooking and a satisfying texture.

2. Rinse and Dry: Rinse the cut potatoes under cold water to remove excess starch. Pat them dry thoroughly with a clean kitchen towel or paper towel. Dry potatoes will result in crispier fries.

3. First Fry - Par-Cooking: In a large, heavy-bottomed pot, heat vegetable oil to around 325°F (165°C). Carefully add a batch of potatoes to the hot oil, ensuring not to overcrowd the pot. Fry them for about 4-5 minutes until they start turning pale golden. Remove with a slotted spoon and place them on a paper towel-lined plate. This step, known as par-cooking, prepares the potatoes for their final fry.

4. Hot Gravy Infusion: Now, in a delightful twist, before proceeding to the final fry, immerse the par-cooked fries in a mixture of hot beef stock and chicken broth. This infusion imparts a subtle depth of flavour to the fries, setting the stage for the grand finale.

5. Final Fry - Golden Perfection: After the hot broth infusion, allow the fries to dry for a few minutes. In the same pot, heat the vegetable oil to around 375°F (190°C). Fry the potatoes again in batches for about 3-4 minutes until they turn a beautiful golden brown and achieve that coveted crunchiness.

6. Season and Serve: Season with salt as soon as the fries emerge from the oil. The fries are now ready to be the delicious base for the successive layers of cheese curds and hot gravy.

Crafting the Cheese Curds

At the heart of a remarkable poutine lies the distinctive cheese curds. These little morsels of dairy delight are not just toppings; they are integral to the experience, providing that characteristic texture and an explosion of creamy flavour with every bite.

1. Sourcing Quality Curds: Your poutine's authenticity hinges on the cheese curds' quality. Seek out fresh white cheddar Cheese curds from reputable sources. These curds should be young, moist, and have a mild yet tangy flavour.

2. Keeping Them at the Right Temperature: Cheese curds are known for their signature "squeak" when bitten into. To preserve this delightful characteristic, ensure your curds are kept at room temperature so you're ready to assemble your poutine. Cold curds won't squeak, and room-temperature curds provide that satisfying contrast to the hot elements of the dish. Low Moisture Mozzarella Cheese is also a pretty good option as Low Moisture Mozzarella Cheese has a decent shelf life.

3. Cutting to Bite-Sized Bliss: Consider cutting your curds into bite-sized pieces if your curds are larger. This enhances the curds' distribution throughout the poutine, ensuring every forkful contains a generous amount of cheesy goodness.

4. Timing Matters: Just before assembling the poutine, give the curds a gentle toss to redistribute any moisture that may have accumulated. This maintains their tender texture and prevents clumping during assembly.

5. Layering the Cheese Curds: Once your fries are perfectly crispy and your hot beef broth gravy is ready, it's time to layer the cheese curds. Sprinkle them generously over the hot fries so that they begin to melt slightly from the warmth.

6. Creating Creamy Harmony: The heat from the fries and gravy works its magic, allowing the cheese curds to soften and meld into the dish, creating a luscious, cheesy harmony that marries all the elements together.

Simmering the Flavorful Beef Broth Gravy

In crafting the perfect Authentic Poutine, a paramount step stands out as the heartbeat of the experience: the meticulous process of simmering the flavorful beef broth gravy. This crucial undertaking is the bridge that connects a medley of ingredients into a symphony of taste that defines this cherished dish. As we explore this essential procedure, we delve into the artistry that transforms ordinary elements into a culinary masterpiece.

The Essence of Taste:

At the core of crafting an unforgettable beef broth gravy lies the art of ingredient selection, each playing a distinctive role in this harmonious blend. Let's dissect the elemental components that seamlessly converge to create this culinary masterpiece:

1. Beef Bones: These unassuming foundations hold the potential to create a robust, savoury canvas for the gravy. Their essence infuses the broth with depth and complexity, creating a foundation that resonates through each bite.

2. Aromatic Symphony: The orchestra of flavours starts with a trio of chopped onions, carrots, and celery. Their aromatic dance infuses the broth with an inviting familiarity reminiscent of cherished family feasts.

3. Herbs and Spices: Fresh thyme and rosemary join this gastronomic melody, elevating it with their fragrant notes. A duet of black pepper and ground pepper provides the subtle heat and depth that underlines the broth's character.

4. Time as the Maestro: The simmering process is the heart of this journey. It allows the ingredients to fuse, their stories intertwining over time. The beef bones release their marrow, the vegetables surrender their essence, and the herbs and spices compose a symphony of flavour.

The Choreography of Simmering:

As the deep fryer orchestrates the transformation of potatoes into golden French fries, the stage is set for the simmering masterpiece. In a large pot, the aromatics unite to lay the foundation of fragrance while the beef bones take centre stage.

The deep fryer's sizzle finds its counterpart in the pot's gentle simmer. The broth, the soul of the gravy, mingles with the aromatics, and the medley takes on a life of its own. The simmering pot becomes a cauldron of anticipation, where the symphony of flavours starts to harmonize.

Hours drift by, and the broth simmers gracefully, each moment infusing it with a tapestry of taste. The beef bones surrender their essence, the vegetables contribute vitality, and the peppers impart their nuanced complexity. This alchemical process transcends the mundane; it becomes a narrative of culture and culinary heritage.

The Culmination:

As the simmering journey concludes, the pot is lifted from its station. The once-pale liquid has deepened, a testament to the depth of flavour achieved. Straining becomes the final act before the grand performance.

Through a fine sieve, the broth is strained, leaving behind the remnants of its creation. Black pepper and ground pepper, the duet of warmth and spice, have shaped the composition. A touch of salt, the final flourish, accentuates the ensemble.

The Grand Finale:

The apex of this culinary adventure is unveiled in an authentic Poutine. Now at its zenith, the meticulously simmered beef broth gravy cascades over the crispy fries and intermingles with the cheese curds. The gravy's warmth envelops the curds, transforming them into a velvety embrace. The fries, once ordinary, now bear the weight of tradition and innovation, creating the foundation of this celebrated dish.

Within the heart of the Poutine, the simmered beef broth gravy isn't just an ingredient; it's a testament to craftsmanship, patience, and an unwavering dedication to flavour. With each bite, you taste the symphony of flavours and the stories of generations, a tribute to the culinary voyage that elevates a simple recipe into an indelible encounter.

Assembling Your Authentic Poutine

At the heart of the Authentic Poutine lies a captivating fusion that bridges history and contemporary gastronomy. This culinary delight, with its roots traced back to rural Quebec, captures the essence of tradition and the spirit of innovation. As we delve into the art of assembling this iconic dish, we pay tribute to its origins while celebrating the fusion of flavours that makes it truly exceptional.

Origins of Poutine and Evolution

Poutine's journey began in the unassuming settings of 1950s rural Quebec, where simplicity met ingenuity. Disco fries, golden and crisp, represent the modern twist on the classic French fry. This touch of innovation pays homage to the ever-evolving culinary landscape, breathing new life into tradition.

Flavors That Connect

The assembly of an Authentic Poutine is a symphony of flavours that intertwine seamlessly. With their playful squeak, the cheese curds harken back to the dish's early days. They stand as a nod to the past, a testament to the essence of authenticity. Nestled atop the golden fries, they eagerly await their companions.

The Heartbeat of the Dish 

Enter the savoury brown gravy crafted meticulously from the rich chicken broth or stock foundation. This gravy of chicken stock or broth encapsulates the essence of comfort with every velvety pour. Simmered to perfection, it carries the depth of taste that elevates the Poutine from an everyday indulgence to an unforgettable culinary experience.

Crafting the Culinary Overture

Assembling an Authentic Poutine isn't just about placing ingredients together; it's an act of culinary artistry. Each element—the crispy fries, the nostalgic cheese curds, and the soul-soothing brown gravy—plays a vital role in this symphony of taste. The textures dance harmoniously, creating an experience tantalising both the palate and the senses.

Embracing the Story

As you take that first bite, you're not merely indulging in a dish but immersing yourself in a narrative. The interplay of flavours captures the evolution of a humble origin into a cherished tradition. The fusion of history and modernity reflects the ever-changing world of gastronomy, where innovation respects the past. It has established itself in dining menus worldwide, especially American ones.


The authentic Poutine beautifully weaves history and innovation into a harmonious culinary experience. From its rustic origins to its contemporary form, this dish embodies the spirit of evolution. Assembling the Poutine isn't just about combining ingredients; it's about relishing a tale that spans time. The golden disco fries nod to creativity, while the cheese curds whisper nostalgia. Yet, the rich brown gravy, born from chicken broth, ties everything together. With each Poutine bite, you're not merely tasting food; you're savouring a narrative of tradition and taste, celebrating the fusion that defines this iconic dish.


What is poutine gravy made of?

Poutine gravy is typically made from a base of beef or chicken broth, often combined with flour, butter, and seasonings, creating a rich and savoury sauce that enhances the flavours of the dish.

Is poutine gravy different from regular gravy?

Yes, Poutine gravy differs from regular gravy in that it's usually thinner. It has a savoury, meaty flavour that complements the other elements of the dish, particularly the cheese curds and fries in a classic poutine.

What traditionally is poutine?

Traditionally, Poutine is a Canadian dish consisting of crispy French fries topped with cheese curds smothered in savoury brown gravy, creating a comforting and flavorful combination.

Why does poutine have gravy?

Poutine has gravy to add moisture, flavour, and a rich texture, creating a harmonious blend with the crispy fries and cheese curds while paying homage to its origin as a comforting and hearty meal.

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