H.E. Hon President Donald Ramotar

Donald Rabindranauth Ramotar, born on October 22, 1950, is a Guyanese politician who held the presidency of Guyana from 2011 to 2015. He also served as the General Secretary of the People’s Progressive Party from 1997 to 2013.

From Party Member to Presidency: Donald Ramotar’s Political Journey

H.E. Donald Ramotar became a member of the People’s Progressive Party in 1967 and gradually rose through its ranks. He was elected to the PPP Central Committee in 1979 and joined the Executive Committee in 1983. Ramotar acquired a welding certificate from the Government Technical Institute and was the International Secretary of the Guyana Agricultural Workers’ Union from 1988 to 1993.

In the historic 1992 election, where the PPP, under the leadership of Cheddi Jagan, came to power after decades, Ramotar was elected to the National Assembly of Guyana and continued to be re-elected in subsequent elections. He assumed the position of the PPP’s Executive Secretary in 1993. Following Jagan’s passing in 1997, Ramotar was unanimously chosen as the General Secretary of the PPP.

Ramotar’s prominence within the PPP continued to grow, as demonstrated by his re-election to the Central Committee in 2008 and his selection as General Secretary without opposition. He also served on the editorial board of the PPP’s publication, Thunder.

In 2011, Ramotar was endorsed as the PPP’s presidential candidate for the November election. Although the PPP emerged victorious, it fell short of a majority in the Parliament of Guyana. As a result, Ramotar became President while two opposition parties held a majority in the National Assembly.

During his presidency, Ramotar retained his position as General Secretary of the PPP for the initial two years. However, citing a heavy workload, he resigned from the party leadership. Ramotar’s presidency ended in 2015 when his party lost the general election to the opposition coalition led by David Granger.

Global Advocacy and Presidential Stewardship: Donald Ramotar’s Impact

H.E. Donald Ramotar guided his nation towards successful change and played a crucial role in fostering global dialogue. He emerged as a prominent advocate of liberalism, actively opposing oppression and standing up for the less fortunate. President Ramotar skillfully negotiated stronger bilateral support for his country throughout his presidency.

Furthermore, he contributed regularly to editorials, showcasing his insights and expertise. A significant source of inspiration for President Ramotar was Cheddi Jagan, an exceptional leader and an internationally acclaimed figure. Jagan, who served as both a mentor and a key figure in the fight for Guyana’s freedom from British rule, deeply influenced President Ramotar’s ideals and approach to leadership.