H.E. Dato Seri Andy

Dato Seri Andy stands as a prominent figure in the world of entrepreneurship and philanthropy, being the visionary founder of Everest Group of Companies. Moreover, his influence extends to the highest echelons of the Government of Malaysia, where he serves as a chief advisor. One of his great passions lies in empowering the youth and promoting entrepreneurship. To accomplish this, he collaborates with a diverse group of angel investors.

It is challenging for young entrepreneurs to thrive in the present business landscape. To address this, Dato Seri Andy has taken on a noble mission of supporting aspiring youth. He has established a business-sharing network platform on WhatsApp, where young entrepreneurs can explore and create lucrative business opportunities. This platform is a fertile ground for innovation, allowing ideas to flow freely.

Moreover, Seri Andy generously offers guidance to help these young minds scale their businesses. With a visionary goal, he seeks to instil the spirit of entrepreneurship in every family across Malaysia. His generous spirit extends beyond mentorship, as he gives back to the community, providing support and assistance whenever possible.

His remarkable journey exemplifies this as he overcame a myriad of challenges. He fearlessly operated his delivery services business in the first six months from a McDonald’s outlet. This tenacious leader nurtured and expanded his business with unwavering determination, eventually establishing the powerful Everest Group that stands tall today.