Dr Mohan Kaul

  • Dr Mohan Kaul is an advocate of international trade, investment, and emerging markets. With his extensive influence and strong network, he serves as a distinguished policy advisor, a visionary business leader, a compassionate social entrepreneur, a seasoned development specialist, and a respected academician.

    Dr Kaul’s dedication to promoting international trade and investment is commendable. His expertise and connections make him an influential figure, and his valuable insights contribute significantly to shaping policies and strategies. As a business leader, he possesses a remarkable vision, guiding companies toward success and growth in the global market.

    Beyond the corporate world, Dr Mohan Kaul takes pride in his role as a social entrepreneur. His initiatives drive positive change in communities, addressing societal challenges through innovative and sustainable solutions. His remarkable achievements in the development sector have earned him recognition and respect.

    Dr Kaul’s passion for education and research has made him a highly regarded academician. His academic contributions have enriched the knowledge base and inspired future generations to excel in their respective fields.

    Academic Journey and Accomplishments of Dr Mohan Kaul

    Dr Kaul’s academic achievements are as impressive as his professional endeavours. He holds a PhD in Management Science from the esteemed University of Paris-Sorbonne, a testament to his dedication to scholarly pursuits.

    Furthermore, he earned a degree in Engineering from the renowned Madras Institute of Technology, showcasing his multidisciplinary education approach and technical acumen.

    In recognition of his exceptional contributions to academia and society, Dr Kaul was bestowed with the Honorary Doctorate of Letters by Cape Breton University in Canada in November 2007. This prestigious honour acknowledges his outstanding intellectual and humanitarian endeavours.

    His commitment to professional development is evident through his chartered fellowship with the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development in the United Kingdom, a recognition of his expertise in human resources and personnel management.

    Moreover, Dr Kaul’s distinguished memberships include being a Fellow of the Computer Society of India, underlining his proficiency in computer science and technology.

    Additionally, he is recognised as a Fellow of the Institute of Training Development in the United States, acknowledging his exceptional contributions to the development and advancement of training practices.

    Driving Positive Change: Dr Mohan Kaul’s Social Entrepreneurship and Policy Advocacy

    Since April 2012, Dr Mohan Kaul has been at the helm of a specialist advisory, business development, project management, and investment consultancy.

    Over three decades, Dr Kaul has built an enviable rapport with Presidents and Heads of Government across continents. His leadership has led to over 50 high-level initiatives and forums involving prominent figures like Heads of Government, Senior Ministers, and top Business Leaders. These initiatives have had a profound impact on countries in South Africa and Asia, even extending to nations that had never received foreign direct investment (FDI) before, such as Ghana, India, Sierra Leone, Mozambique, Namibia, Nigeria, Uganda, Tanzania, and more.

    Dr Kaul’s focus has been on mobilizing investments, fostering Public-Private Partnerships, reducing the digital divide, and promoting WTO market access and trade facilitation to integrate developing countries into the global market. His efforts in strengthening Commonwealth trade linkages have gained recognition from the WTO, acknowledging the Commonwealth as an essential partner in trade liberalization. Practical initiatives like the Boksburg Group on Trade Facilitation exemplify his commitment to driving tangible change.

    Additionally, Dr Kaul has facilitated crucial links between Commonwealth Countries and the European Union, fostering dialogues that brought together influential figures such as Baroness Ashton, European Commissioner for Trade, and Indian Minister Kamal Nath, alongside other Ministers and Business Leaders.

    Dr Mohan Kaul’s illustrious academic career saw him take on key roles as a professor and later as the Dean at the prestigious Indian Institute of Management (IIM) in Ahmedabad. His academic contributions have been highly regarded, and he played a pivotal role in shaping the institution’s educational and research endeavours. He is a staunch advocate of ensuring that globalization benefits all, and his actions reflect this deep belief. Throughout his career, he has taken the lead in numerous high-level initiatives to promote Investment Promotion, create a conducive investment climate, foster good governance, and champion corporate social responsibility.

    Global Leadership and Impact: Dr Mohan Kaul’s Multifaceted Achievements

    Recognising his exceptional expertise and leadership abilities, the British Government nominated Dr Mohan Kaul as a UN Secretary-General’s Management Efficiency Group member. In this significant role, he actively contributed to implementing management reforms within the United Nations, seeking to enhance its operational efficiency and effectiveness.

    Dr Kaul’s influence extended beyond borders, as he lent his expertise to the South African Government during President Nelson Mandela’s tenure. His guidance and advice on public service reforms, capacity building, and human resource development were invaluable in empowering the nation’s administration.

    In addition to his other endeavours, Dr Mohan Kaul has collaborated with the Malaysian government during the tenure of Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad. His involvement focused on crucial areas such as public service reform, human resources development, and institution building.

    Through a series of workshops, he played a crucial role in facilitating the smooth functioning of the newly established South African Government. These workshops fostered collaboration, promoted efficient governance, and strengthened the government’s capabilities in serving its people.

    Among his notable achievements is his membership in the esteemed UN Secretary-General’s Management Efficiency Group, where he played a crucial role in enhancing the management practices of the United Nations.

    Additionally, he served as a distinguished World Bank adviser, conducting the first evaluation of the renowned Grameen Bank in Bangladesh, founded by Nobel Laureate Mohammed Yunus. This evaluation was a significant milestone in assessing the impact and effectiveness of the Grameen Bank’s pioneering microfinance model.

    His contributions to numerous Presidential Advisory Councils, including those of Mozambique, Uganda, Tanzania, Ghana, Nigeria, and Zambia, have showcased his dedication to collaborating closely with governments in advancing their development agendas. As an advocate for fruitful international relationships, he has led several business delegations to India and various South African and Asian countries.

    Dr Kaul’s efforts in working closely with the President and Government of Rwanda have been instrumental in mobilising investments and assisting Rwanda’s entry into the Commonwealth, further solidifying his commitment to positive change and progress on the global stage.

    Dr Mohan Kaul is a firm believer in the idea of making globalisation work for the benefit of all. Throughout his distinguished career, he has taken the lead in spearheading several high-level initiatives focused on investment promotion, enhancing the investment climate, fostering good governance, and championing corporate social responsibility.

    His address to a special session of the UN General Assembly was a testament to his remarkable contributions to public management and governance.

    In addition to his illustrious career, Dr Mohan Kaul is involved in several prestigious assignments that showcase his diverse expertise and commitment to various causes:

    • Vice Chair and Director of Indo-UK Institute of Health
    • Chair, Pontaq UK-India Innovation Fund
    • Member of the Advisory Council of British Expertise
    • Member of the Board of Crown Agents Foundation
    • Advisor of Departments of the Government of India and Government of Gujarat
    • Member of the Board of Directors of Ahmedabad University, India
    • Chairman and Director of Micro Finance Company, CIGS, Chennai, India
    • Liveryman of the City of London and Member of World Traders
    • Member of the Board of Directors of Europe India Chamber of Commerce (EICC), Brussels
    • Emeritus Director, Commonwealth Association of Public Administration, Canada
    • Member of the Central Council of the Royal Over-Seas League