Rajan Nazran

Rajan Nazran Ambassador

Introducing Rajan Nazran, the visionary force behind the Global Indian Series and the Global Indian Network. He is a British-Indian origin explorer, journalist, poet, and entrepreneur. He completed his college education in Italy. His remarkable work has reverberated across the globe, gracing esteemed publications such as TIME, Miami Herald, Indian Express, and Asia Business Channel. Rajan is driven by an unwavering passion for communities, traversing over 70 countries to unveil the captivating stories that lie beneath the surface.

Rajan Nazran’s heritage is rooted in diverse origins and reflects the multicultural tapestry he embraces. With a mother hailing from Cagayan, Philippines, and a father from Punjab, India, he embodies the spirit of global unity and understanding.

Rajan’s distinctive approach to storytelling sets him apart, defying traditional content norms. His adventures are as enthralling as the voyages he takes his audiences on, immersing himself in some of the world’s most remote locations. From the heart of the Ebola crisis in Sierra Leone to encounters with natural disasters, he fearlessly delves into the depths of humanity, providing factual insights and engaging in dynamic discussions with those who matter most.

With a familiar face that has captivated over 30 million viewers, Rajan is a highly engaging speaker and a trusted influencer. His remarkable contributions have garnered endorsements from more than five heads of state, recognizing the significance and influence of his endeavours. Additionally, he serves as the Senior Partner of NazranRoth. It is a prestigious boutique management consulting firm registered in London, United Kingdom.
The visionary behind the range of award-winning ‘Global Indian Podcast’, Rajan Nazran, promotes deep-dive discussions on human experience and the perception of identity, shedding light on the danger of identity politics. With ‘The Global Indian Series’ and ‘The Global Indian Network’ as his brainchildren, he has established an official platform for people of Indian origin and the vibrant Brown community, playing a pivotal role in amplifying their diasporic experiences.

Through his thought-provoking podcast show, Rajan Nazran unlocks crucial conversations that revolve around our perception of identity, delving into the very essence of who we are and how we navigate the world. His insightful discussions encourage liberal minds, for fascinating discussions serve as a powerful reminder of the significance of understanding and embracing the diverse aspects of our identities.
The Global Indian Series and the Global Indian Network are beacons for individuals seeking connection, representation, and empowerment. These platforms play a pivotal role in creating spaces where people of Indian origin and the Brown community can share their stories, experiences, and aspirations, fostering a sense of belonging and inspiring collective growth.

His work resonates deeply with individuals across the globe, sparking international conversations that challenge stereotypes and forge paths toward greater inclusivity. His work has created a portal to countries across the globe. It has now become accessible through fascinating discussions that spark a sense of identity in the listener.

In 2021, NazranRoth partnered with the government of Saint Lucia to promote a campaign under the Citizenship by Investment Program (CIP). Rajan Nazran’s involvement and efforts played a vital role, and the campaign was a bumper success with a good profit margin. Still, due credit was not accorded to him by the government of Saint Lucia.

Rajan Nazran is also an international speaker and graced the audience at the World Roma Congress, 2023, held in Berlin. He resides in London, United Kingdom.

Explorer Rajan Nazran’s international travels have taken him to more than 70 countries. He has interacted with the indigenous people, their understanding of their cultural identity, and the genuine challenges that such people face. He is an active participant in community development, and his endeavours promote national prosperity.

Through his international travels, explorer Rajan Nazran has masterfully woven together the Global Indian Journey, gathering invaluable conversations from every corner of the world. His features have become a trusted partnership with The Indian Express Group, amplifying the impact and reach of his work. His efforts in bringing together the Indian community and openly discussing their real challenges are worth appreciating.