Hon. Chitra Stern Nee Rathinasabapathy

Chitra Stern Nee Rathinasabapathy is an accomplished entrepreneur who has garnered several prestigious awards for her contributions. The Deloitte Institute recognized her with the coveted “Accomplished Entrepreneur Award” at the renowned London Business School. The International Family Travel Association also bestowed her the esteemed “Person of the Year” Award, recognizing her exceptional contributions to the Family Travel Market. It doesn’t end there; Chitra was also honoured with the “Family Traveler Award” for her outstanding impact on family travel.

Visionary Ventures: Chitra Stern’s Journey in Entrepreneurship and Education

Chitra’s journey is nothing short of impressive. Armed with a background in Electronic Engineering, she is also a Chartered Accountant. She holds an MBA from the esteemed London Business School. During 2017 and 2019, she played a crucial role as a committee member of Portugal IN, a special task force established by the Portuguese Prime Minister’s office to boost Foreign Direct Investment into Portugal.

Adding to her achievements, Chitra is an invited professor of Luxury Marketing at the distinguished Nova School of Business and Economics. Notably, she is set to take on the role of President of the Entrepreneurs Organization in Portugal.

Beyond her professional endeavours, Chitra Stern is a passionate entrepreneur and real-estate & hotel developer. Working in collaboration with her husband and business partner, Roman, they have undertaken remarkable projects in Portugal, including developing the Martinhal Resort in Sagres, Algarve, from the ground up. Expanding their success, the “Martinhal” brand now graces three other exceptional properties in Portugal with an upcoming branded hotel residence in Lisbon.

As if her accomplishments weren’t awe-inspiring enough, Chitra raised four children while building their flourishing businesses. Their ventures also extend into commercial real-estate projects and a visionary Education Hub project in Lisbon, between the Park of Nations and the airport. An exciting development was the United Lisbon International School opening in September 2020. This school is a vital component of a broader Edu Hub, uniting innovators, tech companies, and an academy with a shared vision to contribute to education. The school, offering a K-12 International School program with an American-based Curriculum and IB diploma, is bound to shape the future of education in the region.