Bala Kamallakharan

Bala Kamallakharan is an accomplished individual with a diverse background in banking, consulting, entrepreneurship, and investing. He is best known as the Founder of Startup Iceland, a grassroots initiative to nurture sustainable startup ecosystems in Iceland. Through this venture, Bala has played a significant role in fostering the growth and development of the Icelandic startup community.

Startup Iceland Founder: Nurturing a Thriving Ecosystem

In addition to Startup Iceland, Bala is also the Co-Founder of two other prominent entities: Dattaca Labs and Iceland Venture Studio. These organizations likely focus on fostering innovation and supporting early-stage startups in Iceland.

Bala’s involvement in the Icelandic startup scene extends beyond his entrepreneurial efforts. He has also served as the Chairman of the Board at CLARA (Resonata), a notable Icelandic Community Analytics company. Under his guidance, CLARA became the first Icelandic company to be acquired by a Silicon Valley-based company, Jive Software, in 2013.

Diverse Roles and Impact: Entrepreneurship, Investment, and Leadership

Bala’s contributions as an investor and mentor have been instrumental in the success of various early-stage companies. Notable among these are Buuteeq, which was acquired by, and GreenQloud, which NetApp acquired.

Before immersing himself in entrepreneurship and investing, Bala held a significant position in Glitnir Bank’s executive team. During his tenure, he played a vital role in the Strategic Growth team, focusing on essential aspects such as mergers & acquisitions, business development, and strategy formulation.

Prior to joining Glitnir Bank, Bala gained valuable experience at Cap Gemini (formerly Ernst & Young Management Consulting) in the United States. Here, he worked on developing and deploying strategies for various Fortune 500 companies.

Bala’s educational background is equally impressive, with a management degree from Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani. He also holds two Master’s degrees, one in Economics and the other in Information Systems & Decision Science, from Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, USA. Additionally, Bala made strides toward a PhD in Economics by passing the qualifying examination.

He is an active member of the Reykjavik Rotary International Club, showcasing his commitment to community engagement and social impact.

Comprehensive Services and Notable Investment Achievements

Bala Kamallakharan’s investment track record is undeniably impressive, with successful ventures that have been acquired by prominent companies and others that have achieved profitable growth.

Here are the notable highlights of his investment achievements:

  1. CLARA – Acquired by Jive Software (Nasdaq: JIVE)
  2. Buuteeq – Acquired by (Nasdaq: PCLN)
  3. GreenQloud – Acquired by NetApp (Nasdaq: NTAP)
  4. Guide to Iceland – Profitable and growing (Winner of Deloitte Fast 50 in Iceland and 3rd in All of Europe)

He offers a comprehensive range of services and expertise to startups and businesses across various domains. These services include:

  1. Venture Capital (VC)
  2. Strategy
  3. Business Development
  4. Technology
  5. Leadership and Capital raising/planning advice
  6. Management Consulting

Currently, he is also working as a course instructor at Reykjavik University and chairman of the Iceland Cricket Association.

Bala Kamallakharan’s journey exemplifies a remarkable blend of entrepreneurship, investing, and corporate leadership, making him a prominent figure in the Icelandic startup ecosystem and beyond.